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  • Crew growth

    05. 17. 2011 07:58

So I'm back to fooling around with the sailors again/thinking outside the box. What
previously was my blitz and GB2 ASW crews are now well over L61. So now, I've got a new
set of problems. I thought before the crews were heavy, so I was stripping them of
recruits which didn't turn out as well as I hopped. My new thought is to have specialized
DD/CL crew for ASW/AA. I want to make the skill high but keep the crew low. My question
is, what makes crews grow? Do they grow because of level or do they grow because they are
classed? So in theory, if I have some L30 reload gunners and I never class them again,
will the always carry only 100 guys?

  • Re : Crew growth

    05. 18. 2011 15:20

Pilots lose crew growth per class, everything else gains crew per class. This is what is
broken with pilots.

  • Re : Crew growth

    05. 18. 2011 15:02

hmm i thought not classing sailors on time will give them more recruits per level O.0
wasnt that the basis for unclassed pilots, to gain more recruits to convert into
or is it different for gunners??

i have lvl 93 gunners classed on time and yeah the total crew number is 746. hrrrmmzz

  • Re : Crew growth

    05. 17. 2011 15:05

This is mine:

Arms sailors only until the mid 70s. My only regret is going all reload instead of
rld-acc-rld. They still blockshot with 8" though and work well for AA. Normal crew size
for them would be 737.

  • Re : Crew growth

    05. 17. 2011 14:16

Thanks guys! Thats two great ideas. I think that I'll just go ahead and make some
and see what happens.

  • Re : Crew growth

    05. 17. 2011 12:34

An alternative, is to have a 0 sailors, bo.

For DC, 0 sailors torpman,armament sailor.

Lot of viable option for gunners.

I just prefer to have them to 120 and super vet them as hell.
And kill like 600 sailors without affecting the effect.

  • Re : Crew growth

    05. 17. 2011 12:34

No there are indeed advantages to creatively classing gunners.

When you trim off recruits to save weight you will lose ability. Not just gunner ability
but also repair/restore ability. By classing gunners late you will gain repair/restore
ability and not have to trim recruits in order to save weight.

If you want to late class gunners look for 12 acc, 10-11 reload, 10-12 in both repair and
restore. Repair is the more important stat though.

Some things to keep in mind though:

You will want to leave them as arms sailors to atleast level 75
You will need more then 100 vets
When you do class them dont go all the same way. Acc-Rld-Acc, Rld-Acc-Acc, or Rld-Rld-Acc
for example.

  • Re : Crew growth

    05. 17. 2011 11:29

I guess then it isn't going to work. I'll have to just leave them stripped down. Thanks

  • Re : Crew growth

    05. 17. 2011 11:17

Limiting amount of crew growth will only really effect ability in the sense that you can
not put on as many Vets/experts. Max Crew and Total Crew should always come out to 1
(unless your trimming past the cap or trimming your BO).

I forget the exact amount of growth per classing (believe its one extra crew per classing,
but I doubt you'd see a huge difference from ARMs to triple reloads anywhere close to
level 80+, and by that point you are probably well past the weight you are trying to save.

  • Re : Crew growth

    05. 17. 2011 11:16

Do you worry that doing that with fighters someday we'll be screwed if Yuno updates?

  • Re : Crew growth

    05. 17. 2011 10:56

It is better to class on time (if they are meant to) and cut their rooks to save weight
than class wrong.

Sure it will compromise their experts and vets but you can always use packs when you
want to move them on your bigger ships or go on an AA binge.

Th exception are with fighters as mentioned, or late classed AA gunners. For US you
want as much gun growth as possible since US AA is not viable.
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