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  • Account lost with new servers

    05. 17. 2011 08:41

Ok so i had stopped playing navyfield for some time due to moving into the country
and having bad net, they laid a cable down and i Downloaded navyfield and there is
no missouri (dont know if i spelt that correctly) server. Anyways so i logged into each
of the two options i had and my account is gone im back to lvl1 on both anyone
know what to do? i had invested over $200 on the old acc.

  • Re : Account lost with new servers

    05. 17. 2011 09:06

devildog8 have been gone a while mo and iowa are now nebraska, bismark and
nelson are now kiaser, log onto nebraska and your stuff should be there waiting for
you, if not send a support ticket and they will get it resolved for you

hope that helps