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  • Game Loses Connection

    05. 18. 2011 03:36

I just returned to NF after a 2 year hiatus and now I'm running into all sorts of problems
I never had before. I used to run the game on a dinosaur of a computer. Now on my
amazing Lenovo, I'm having all sorts of problems. The game is lagging terribly. I don't
mean just in game lag. I'm even having shipyard lag. Yeah, I try to select to change
guns and I have to wait a minute just for hte list of available guns to pop up. I've
looked at other threads and tried various troubleshooting solutions. None work.

Usually after 15 minutes of being logged in, my game randomly loses connection and

If it helps, my OS is Vista 32 bit.

  • Re : Game Loses Connection

    05. 18. 2011 11:44

go to the merged lag post in this thread and follow the suggestions.
^ link to the Lag Solutions post

there are a few things you can disable on your network card that significantly reduces
packet loss.

as whats in the lag thread you can also trace route to the server you play on to see where
you're getting the huge lag from and the impending disconnect shortly after. the fact that
you lag and then dc leads me to think you're getting really bad packet loss and the server
finally just has to shut you down, doing the tracert will help find where that is coming from.

simply type tracert for Nebraska or for Kaiser and see if
any outrageous pings appear(over 400 is abit absurd even for NF).

hope that helps. good luck

  • Re : Game Loses Connection

    05. 18. 2011 08:39

I know i have lots of disconnects to....... Wireless causes a LOT of lag.
But cable disconnects, I noticed that wireless seems to be better.
I also have Vista.

  • Re : Game Loses Connection

    05. 18. 2011 06:46

maybe its your internet connection?

if not, do you have some app that uses internet connection (ie download, video
streaming[if the video still loading], browser games, or other online game, torrent
download), i know i get lag when im doing this?

if not, using wireless router (probably some of the user that connected to the router uses
the internet heavily), i encounter always encounter lag when someone in my home network
watching youtube?

if still not, i got no more idea what causing your lag and disconn

oh 1 last thing using wireless connection in playing nf?

  • Re : Game Loses Connection

    05. 18. 2011 04:42

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it, but my problem persists.

  • Re : Game Loses Connection

    05. 18. 2011 04:24

Right Click in Launcher NF Icon, Select Properties, Compatibility.. select Windows 98/ME
Mode. Apply that and play.