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  • Hanging on startup

    05. 18. 2011 19:52

So, I bought a new laptop (running win7 64 bit) to replace my old desktop (which
was running vista 32bit)...

And Navyfield refuses to load.

I can get to the loading screens (patching and HS update work fine) but the game
never actually starts (I never get past the 3rd loading screen - have waited upwards
of 30 minutes). I know the game hasn't crashed since the spinning loading thingy at
the bottom of the screen is still moving (and task manager says NF is "running"). I
also know that it isn't my connection or hardware, since my desktop running vista
(which also has lower hardware specs: processor, RAM, etc.) works perfectly fine
with NF.

I've already tried installing in the program files x86 folder, running as an admin,
disabling visual themes, disabling desktop composition, adding to firewall/anti-virus
exemption lists, DEP exemption, redownloading + reinstalling (cleaning the registry
entries for NF beforehand), restarting, updating my drivers, even running in
compatibility mode (which I know wouldn't work since HS blocks it...)

The only way I got NF to work was by running WinXP in VMware....

It works, but I would rather play NF w/o going through VMware.

Is there anything I haven't thought of that might get NF to work on win7?

  • Re : Hanging on startup

    06. 05. 2011 15:13

I have simmilar problem, starts up, runs HS, then just goes to top left corner of screen
in black and a "Navyfield.exe has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution"
error message appears. Does it every time, tried the (X86) folder, reinstall, restart,
testing it 50 times in a row, i can play it anymore. :O