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  • new navyfield

    05. 21. 2011 08:15

How about a new Navyfield seperate from the other one?
Make it about, like 1500s type ships or ancient times...
Galleys and such.It would be kinda cool to have a Frigate
or a Manofwar. The nations could be Spain, France, England,
and the Netherlands. Or something like that. Ships could be
Frigate, Privateer, Man'o'war, Caravel, and the like. Here is a
link about such ships,
Please reply and tell me what you think!

  • Re : new navyfield

    05. 30. 2011 14:45

I think it's a good idea.

  • Re : new navyfield

    05. 22. 2011 19:15

that whould be cool

  • Re : new navyfield

    05. 21. 2011 20:05

LOL seeing this in Ancient Greek times would be awesome, since we would have ships
ramming each other like crazy. Of course a ramming feature would be nice in our
current NF, all though it will become a cheap tactic for small ships.

  • Re : new navyfield

    05. 21. 2011 19:49

speed and ability to gather the wind was a massive tactical feature in those ships in
those days, the french where renown for their abilityt o build well armoured and fast
ships where as the brittish where good at smaller more manouverable ships and was able to
produce them more quickly.

qaulity of the sales and ropes and the workmanship of the wood and the types of wood and
overall weight and aerodynamics of the vessels played a huge part.

the weapons where also all very diffrent also in their placement aboard the ships level
and fireing angles. the range of guns was based of the shot type and what it was made of..

lots to think about but sure it could be simplified.

  • Re : new navyfield

    05. 21. 2011 19:04

it would actually work out pretty well... considering ships from the Napoleonic Era
were already set up into tiers

1st rate being the biggest and baddes
6th rate being small, fast, and lightly armed

Also, nations did have different advantages

French had big, heavy hitting guns
British had accurate, light hitting long range guns
Spanish had really strong and heavily armed ships

  • Re : new navyfield

    05. 21. 2011 12:17

Galley<Manowar<Ironclad<HE shells
BB 6 = Kongo?

  • Re : new navyfield

    05. 21. 2011 09:51

I think this game engine dates from the 1500's.

But it is a valid suggestion, although I would prefer Napoleonic era ships or possibly
pre dreadnought era, right up to the Russo Japanese war of 1905.