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  • what crew do i need for CV ?

    05. 24. 2011 01:32

hey guys , ive never had an cv before so i dont know what crew i need for that?
do i need arm sailors?
and how many sailors i need ?

thanx for helping out

  • Re : what crew do i need for CV ?

    06. 09. 2011 03:54

i dont think you need to make out bulge??? moost CV3s go pretty fast with out
engys my corageous OHs 44 and gose like 27 normaly i put like 80 bulge and mostly
dodge the torps

  • Re : what crew do i need for CV ?

    06. 01. 2011 13:35

All pilots for support slots (up to 8), then add seaman or Engineer (PCV).

Mix and match Ftrs and bombers to your pleasure.

Gunners in gun slots... Load HH and protect yourself from subs.

Enemy bombers should be handled with your fighters or escort AA.

  • Re : what crew do i need for CV ?

    05. 28. 2011 14:30

tb is at lvl 42

  • Re : what crew do i need for CV ?

    05. 27. 2011 22:08

get 6 sailors with at least +11 fighter skill, and 4 sailors with at least +11 bomber
skill, thn level them up to 12, and make them special force, when they reach 25
make them rookie pilots, then when the 6 +11 fighter skill sailors get to level 40
change class to fighter pilot, then the 4 +11 bomber skill sailors class them to
torpedo bomber at level 52 (i think), then just level them up as you use them on
your cv.

quick tips; only use a cv whose level matches that of your pilots not your BO.
i said 6/4 incase you want to go 6/2 or 4/4 or what ever else. since the max number
of pilots on a cv is 8.
seaman helps alot, and also having them BVEd helps alot, or atleast a lot of vets.
support crews are usually only an engy, and you can use guns for HH or AA/HE.
always try to max out your buldge to guard against subs and TBs, and a little bit of
deck to fight off DBs. for DBs though learn how to dodge.

hope this helps.

  • Re : what crew do i need for CV ?

    05. 27. 2011 21:24

as usual the guys trying to help dont actually help. he is asking what he should class a
nuetral sailor as inorder to get cv crews....

my memmory is a little fuzzy but i beleive they are specialforces sailors. the first
choice of which being a rookie pilot..

i could be slightly wrong i havnt classed a pilot for a while.

once you have rookies they can be leveled up at which you then have two options either
fighter pilot or bomber pilots..

best thing you can do is google search how to make navy field pilots and see what comes up..

as i said i cant actually remember if its a special forces class or not.. but i do think
it is..

  • Re : what crew do i need for CV ?

    05. 27. 2011 17:44


The role of ENGINE is very important here. You will be the flagship during the game and
your role takes important place during the battle.

Rest is up to your playing style. You can scout for your team and intercept incoming
planes or you can kill the key point ships like flagships, damaged bb's, anti air ships.

Here they always say first learn to play Battleship before trying carriers.

I don't know whether it's true or not, but it helps you understanding how difficult it is
to play battleship without carrier support.

  • Re : what crew do i need for CV ?

    05. 24. 2011 05:18

there are a lot of topic about cv crew, try searching next time
1 bo
1 seaman
1 rep
1 eng

1 bo
1 seaman
1 rep
1 eng

1 bo
1 seaman
1 rep
1 eng

if you want to put on guns try changing 2 of the support crew to 2 gunners
note that lower level cv got no gun slot
and why tb, as the guide say, uk db kinda soft but its tb is kinda dangerous... especially
if your tb is already aaw-immune + manual tb = with bulge(decrease bulge faster) and 2nd
wave the target sink fast/ without bulge(instant sink/cripple)