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  • GB1 Suggestion

    05. 24. 2011 15:38

**** i have edited this slightly to remove the minimum lvl of 61 comment as i didnt mean
to put that in. gb1 should always be open to all levels below the suggestion of a lvl 75
cap. ******

ok as we are all aware mods devs included, GB1 isnt being used, its not being used
because its the same as GB2 except gb2 is better not exactly sure why though, its just
that every one joins a gb2 room.

here is my sugestion for GB1

level restrict GB1 to to a maximum lvl of 75 or what ever the
bb3's start at. bb3.5's

i say this because for new players and low level crews GB2 is just stupid, they dont stand
a chance they cant really play a significant part in the game and most of them once the
bb's die are useless.

so if we have the GB1 rooms specifically for upto level 75 players it would give the lower
levels a place to feel usefull and actually enjoy their ships in an enviroment of eqaul
skill level and ability.

and i think you would see alot more gb rooms starting up, the one thing this game is
lacking is fairness. forcing cv2's to fight in a gb 2 against pcv's and cv5's and cv6's is
just not balanced. they dont stand a chance same applies to the bb1 2's and 3's they dont
belong in a gb2 with bb4's 5's and 6's they just get massacred.

sure i know any one can stick a level 100 crew on a bb3 and go into a gb2 and still do
pretty well, but we aint talking lvl 100 crews we are talking lvl 1 - 75 crews we are
talking about crappy supports and low sd. we are talking about poor spread and newb type
accuracy. we are talking about new players learning to aim manually.. its just not fair on
them. they are out classed out gunned out ranged out skilled and out leveled in every
single way. in the interest of making navy field more appealing to new players i would
like to hope this is a bloody good idea and people will support it, i for one would like
to see more new players come to the game. they wont come while its currently as unfair as
it is now.

all you have to do is put a level cap on the gb1 room preventing players above lvl 75 from
joining and you have just solved a whole crap ton of balance issues

ive got friends who tried it and then stopped straight away because its just infair and
unbalanced. its not because they where low level, its because they had to face off with
very very experienced players who where much much higher level than they where. lets just
say they never even got a chance to enjoy the game or see what its all about.

  • Re : GB1 Suggestion

    05. 25. 2011 21:02

we will just have to see how the majority rules wont we.. i think its a brilliant idea.
and so do others.

but like most suggestions they never really become reality anyway so this is just probably
wishful thinking.

i would like to see it happen though.

well thats just it you see.. with this you wont have to arrange anything it will be common
knowledge that once you level out of blitz you now have the next stage to progress through
on a somewhat even par with other players of similar levels with out being incredibly
outclassed outleveld and out gunned.

im not saying remove gb1 im saying level cap it to 75 so the lower levels have more of a
fightring chance in their own enviroment untill they are high enough level to compete with
the rest of us. and whats stopping you guys who organise your odd ball gb battles from
creating your odball bb/cv rooms instead.. after all you are probably the minority as most
people play gb2.

just think about it. its improvement and an encouragment for new players to stick it out
longer in the game, sure some players will undoubtedly want more of a challange for that
they can do what we do already and just join a gb2.

the reason for this is not to ruin anything but to bring life back to a somewhat forgotten
unused game feature, the gb1 rooms.. no one uses them.. this would make it so they are
used every day as much as a gb 2 room. it might not take off straight away but when lower
level players find out they can get decent xp and credits and not have to contend with cv
6 players or bb6 players i think you will find they will more than welcome this. i think
you will find most of the higher level players starting new crews would eventually welcome
this. there is nothing worse in nf than being killed before you can even get a shot off,
this is just evening the playing field for the lower level players..

it would be unfair to deny them of this. navy field has a dwindling population. less less
players are logging on each week. come on matey they had to shut servers down just to make
the game seem more populated. you would think at this stage sde would have open arms for
any kind of ideas to help keep new players feeling liek they can compete and remain

it makes perfect sence.

  • Re : GB1 Suggestion

    05. 25. 2011 19:31

ada, dude come on....they can use the bb modes for this but they choose not to AM I CORRECT?

You do this to GB1 you will piss off a lot of people i will never rec a suggestion such as
this. There are those who can get 16 to 40 people together and run GB1's all night but we
usually all state a time when were gonna play so that we get them going.

Again not recced

  • Re : GB1 Suggestion

    05. 25. 2011 17:21

well v2c i sugest you start playing it then before they do change it. because as it stands
now no one in the kaiser server ever plays them. and while your at it come play the gb1
room in kaiser cause no one plays it here, no point when gb2 is the same thing but better.

im guessing its the same in nebraska maybe a few diehards like your self are trying to
hold onto the past.. but in reality mate. the game needs this gb1 suggestion for the newer
players that come to the game who are not happy with being every one elses food. the game
is dieing its looseing its player base, its time for sde to take measures to keep newer
players interested.

who knows it may even keep players playing for longer. i would rather see the more
experienced guys quit, they are the ones that make the game less hospitable for the new
guys. all that back seat gameing that goes on all that insisting how people should play
there ships.. its just not right. people want to have fun not get chewed out for doing
something other deem wrong.

this is a good suggestion that can only work a treat for the game and its community. new
players is win for the game win for sde win for the community and win for the experienced
players and win for fleets.

just sit back and think about it for a few moomments. finish blitz you have a bb1 bb2 or
cv2 and you know you dont stand a chance in a gb2

however gb is level capped allowing only cv1-2 in the game and upto bb3 this now means
your cv1-2-3 or bb1-2-3 now has a good chance at being usefull and allowing you to feel
like your not wasteing your time. it let you feel like your not there for every one else
to shoot. your no longer target practice!!!..

it makes sense.

  • Re : GB1 Suggestion

    05. 25. 2011 12:34


Subs shoud be worked in their levels too.

  • Re : GB1 Suggestion

    05. 25. 2011 11:59

So what about those of us that prefer to play GB1 in its present form over GB2?

  • Re : GB1 Suggestion

    05. 25. 2011 06:15


yea they would have to restrict subs to ss3 or maybe set the level cap at 73-74 so that
ss4 remain in gb2.

also they could reduce the amount of subs in a gb1 to just 6 rather than 8.

people may not like this but i would like to think a hobbit type ring around the gb1 too.
the idea is the bb123 dont have as much range and this would also make the game a bit more
fun for the ss123 drivers with their limited time submerged.. putting the ships slightly
closer together at the start will make it appear like they are submerged for a bit longer
allowing them to be a bit more effective.

i play a sub too only an ss2 and ive noticed i cant get across the gb 2 map and have
enough air left to do anything. and end up dieing.. when i say make the map smaller i dont
mean a huge diffrence i mean just a tiny bit just enough to bring ships closer togather to
account for the lower ranges of bb's

it would probably speed the battles up too.

so to sum it up -

1 level cap gb1 rooms to 74 or 75
2 stick a hobbit ring in to reduce the map size to account for lower ranged bb play
3 no minimum lvl cap so all low levels with all ship classes can join
4 limit ss to only 6 instead maybe 8 if the level cap is 74 they should all be ss3 max
i think:S

dont take the hobbit ring litterally im just knockng ideas about, im not even sure its a
good idea. im just trying to find ways to make low level sub play a bit more enjoyable too
and a smaller map seems to be the better option rather than increasing air time

but feel free to leave constructuve critisism :)

  • Re : GB1 Suggestion

    05. 25. 2011 05:57

sorry guys my error, they could leave the minimum level out like the gb's are now. so long
as they restrict the max level to 75 it should still be kinda fair.. allthough the bb'1
will still find it a struggle..

all in all though playing a bb1 against a bb3 has to be a bit more realistic than trying
to take on bb5's and 6's lol

i think the new players should have a place in these great battles. at the minute ther are
nothing more than a team attack filler. in a level capped gb room where a low level bb3
crew is the power house i think new players will find alot more fun in the game.

ofcourse players are going to ebve their crews and absolutely reign supreme in this low
level version of gb but it still wont be as bad as an ebve bb6 crew lol shooting with
twice your range.

so yea no level cap i was geting a bit confused with having to leave blitz at 61 so i
didnt really mean to put a minimum cap in. any level below 75 can join :)

oh and your premium battle ships will be the big players in these rooms along side bb3's
meaning your money speant on a pbb will be worth while now. and the game will be balanced
enough to warrant the use of bb1 and bb2 and be relatively effective.

also cv players will find a much fairer playing enviroment. there is one thing though,
the cv players who use elites will indeed rule the skys in the new gb room so i would urge
all new cv players to invest in elite fp or atleast try to roll all +12 fp and boost them
if they can spare the cash.

untill they fix the balance with cv fp im afraid elites and level will be how you win. so
better to compensate for it from the get go rather than moan about it when its too late.

what this game needs also is a good qaulity youtube crew creation guide explaing the
benefits of 12+ sailors and how each sailor works with each class of ship.. at the minute
the guides are less than informative. also this youtube clip should be linked to the nf
sight as a tutorial for all.

  • Re : GB1 Suggestion

    05. 24. 2011 21:04

lvl 50-75 would be better.

  • Re : GB1 Suggestion

    05. 24. 2011 18:02

yeah I think this is a good idea. An at level BB1 lacks any kind of range to be
competitive in GB2 with BB6 and 5 running around. Cvs dont have nearly as large of a
problem due to local fighters, but local fighters are only so good and still get eaten up
by top teir fighter pilots.

  • Re : GB1 Suggestion

    05. 24. 2011 17:38

nice idea, but since p-pro2 is a bc and its remodel is at lvl 59 i would be where? at
blitz with tw or at gb2 under power? Also the scharn is 60. Still out of that 61+.I뭢
not sure about other nations bb1, only km

I disagree with "they are learning ". every player should learn the manual aim since
his first battles. Reach level 20+ with auto aim is a totally failure.

The spread at low level may not be amazing but its tight enough too make damage.
(with good stats vets and exp)

The main problem for bb123 is they range usually sucks near bb456 with exceptions
KM, SN ubber range.

So the subs have to be considerate too.
ss4 KM is lvl 74. and its well know that they are powerful enough against bb5. so
lower tier bb don't have a chance.

however i recommended it
but IMO that idea wont get out of the paper, but i can be wrong
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