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  • The alaska

    05. 25. 2011 11:30

I have just got to the Alaska and was
wondering what are the best guns and
the best ammount of armour to put on it?


  • Re : The alaska

    05. 26. 2011 14:00

AA with the alaska. Fast, and great setup for AA. Blind with the AA, and pick a single
target. As long as your gunners are fairly decent, you can cause some havoc with it.
Most important thing to remember with it is that its not really a ship that goes out and
can fit any purpose, situations have to be somewhat available for it to be successful.
The 12's are not bad guns.

  • Re : The alaska

    05. 25. 2011 19:32

well, my advice is to keep using Baltimore untill your BO gets to Guam, your gunners also
should be above lvl 60's and supports reach lvl 54, then go to Guam straight and forget

with the bad spread of 12 inch guns you will be doing more damage and xp with the
Baltimore (as 8 inch cap at low level) besides with a CA you can allways enter in GB2 no
matter how many BB's are in the room...

when your sailors allow you to enjoy the Alaska you'll be at Guam

  • Re : The alaska

    05. 25. 2011 17:37

Guns: 12" normal set, LHE shells.
Armor: 0.2 belt, then bulge until you lose a knot. Back off til you gain the knot again.

  • Re : The alaska

    05. 25. 2011 17:26

They can use guam guns but only with 2 binds. Alaska really is the worst BB1 because it
only has 4 support slots.

  • Re : The alaska

    05. 25. 2011 16:24

i dont think the alaska can use the trip 12 Ls (guam guns)

your setup will depend on what you play (gb/blitz)
but yes, use the trip 12"s if you can get a decent spread out of them.

if gb, dont put any armor but 0.2-0.3 belt + bulge

if blitz, its up to you, you can mess up the ship however you like

  • Re : The alaska

    05. 25. 2011 14:21

12" Mark 8 L LVL54
if your gunner can have access to
14" Mark 10 D lvl 59 you could use it.
.2 belt
and bulge until you lose 1 knt(reduce 1 bulge if you lose 1 knt)
note: don't ever try heavy armoring a bc cause it will suck

  • Re : The alaska

    05. 25. 2011 14:10

Moved from the Tips and Tactics section by me. PM sent.