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  • sub sugestions

    05. 25. 2011 20:58

Here are two ideas that may tweak the game in a positive way. Yay or Nay either
way its food for thought.

1. Yea depth charges suck but if they could hit subs that deep dive they would be
more usefull and bring dd back to hunt subs.

2. Require sub torps to hit to cause damage. The aoe of a torp at the end of its run
is a little overkill.

I'm not out to neuter subs. Number 2 doesn't change much for subs vs a bb but is
the main reason a dd can't close distance with a sub.


  • Re : sub sugestions

    05. 26. 2011 08:01

Put this in the sub suggestion thread. It is already stickied.

NF=/=RL NF is a game and has stuff in it for balance reasons and is not and will never be
real life.