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  • Novelty Skins and Shells

    05. 26. 2011 14:38

ok i know something similar has been suggested but Im suggesting items that you
could buy or win in events, etc. These items could be like custom ship paints or say
jack o lantern he shells for halloween. Weve all played games where theres novelty
clothes or custom weapons for a holliday or something. This would make NF a little
more entertaining and you could make an ordinary say Akagi to something that
would be unique to you.

  • Re : Novelty Skins and Shells

    05. 27. 2011 17:03

i see the reasoning of your arguments. It just made me realize how poor the quality
of adding things to NF is.

  • Re : Novelty Skins and Shells

    05. 27. 2011 10:32

Right, so I will summarize the issues with the suggestion.

Ship sprites are basically a collection of 2D images if you notice a full circle of a ship it is a profile of a dozen
odd angles depending on where you are pointing. There is also a separate sprite for superstructure and other
misc. Now counting the number of ships in game some dev will have to color each of these angles. Now there
is an entirely another set for ships sinking. And I assume you want more then 1 camo scheme for your akagi,
if you're feeling pink one day or woodland another.

The other thing with custom sprites is the impending lag it will cause. and maybe I don't want to suffer lag at
the cost of your pokadot bissy. The very solution is that you can edit sprites on your side but no one else can
see it. This very solution exists if you would just search.

As for weird shell stuff, you can go back and install the christmas graphics. If you want to be cool, win an EBB
or a rental BB3 which are basically camoed ships.

  • Re : Novelty Skins and Shells

    05. 27. 2011 04:12

i guess there are more problems sde should deal with but instead of just holiday
stuff there should be everyday novelty items too. Also it wouldnt be for a few days
only it would be all year long depending on the item.

ok come on who doesnt wanna trick out there akagi or bissy?

  • Re : Novelty Skins and Shells

    05. 26. 2011 18:55

but it already exists. we had santa bombers and candy cane shells a few years back.

As for ship sprite editing, it is quite a lot of work for the devs for a couple days of fun.
and you know their stance on more work.

There have been many topics about custom sprites/camo and holiday decorations has
the same problems. Feel free to search function if you are curious.