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  • loss of all progress!!!!

    05. 27. 2011 23:25

yo i lost all of my progress. i had an atlanta class crusier and no i'm back to start
with a freaking frigate. has anyone else lost their progress, and did support fix it?

  • Re : loss of all progress!!!!

    05. 31. 2011 19:15

"Unfortunately, you are excluded from restoration
since your last login record was 10/05/2010."

no reactivation, they just lose accounts. and it took over 36 hours just to GET this
answer. 8 years of MMO playing and 15 years of online playing, never had this happen.
Enjoy your ships boys... you're going down with them.

  • Re : loss of all progress!!!!

    05. 28. 2011 01:57

If you haven't played for a long time (eg if you haven't played since the server
merge) your account will be DELETED!

Actually, I'm joking. Your account will need to be restored. You can submit a support
ticket to do this by clicking on Contact Support under the Support menu on the left <-

  • Re : loss of all progress!!!!

    05. 28. 2011 00:30

I tried both servers, no luck at all.

  • Re : loss of all progress!!!!

    05. 28. 2011 00:00

Did you rember to log into the right server? Kiser from the looks of it