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  • Auto Team Assign

    05. 28. 2011 12:22

I notice people complain about AFK hosts a lot which they have every right to, it kills
your playing and grinding time.
So my suggestion is that Great Battles and other game types be changed to where you
join the type of battle you want such as a Great Battle 2 and the computer will
automatically put you into a GB2 within your filtered settings such as GB2 with 64
people, instead of having to rely on a human host who may be AFK at times. If it helps
you to visualize this system, take a look at World of Tanks and their game system of
how games are started.
Post below your input.

  • Re : Auto Team Assign

    05. 29. 2011 21:47

Have you ever thought about using the search function? This has already been suggested
more than one time. Also people don't have to split it at even numbers and it is not
against any NF rules to split it with uneven numbers.