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  • How to play the Rurik

    05. 28. 2011 23:18

I got a question on how to play the Rurik. I tried loading the 10's with my lvl 45 gunners
and the spread is horrible. When I use T-slots for AAing I loaded the 6's but the spread
is bad and the reload time is bad also. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to play
the Rurik? Thanks in advance for the help.

  • Re : How to play the Rurik

    05. 29. 2011 10:22

AA with the Chapayev is also an option. Once your gunners are level 50+, the spread
on the Rurik tightens (if you got enough bve), and it becomes quite fun shelling BBs at
maximum angle.

  • Re : How to play the Rurik

    05. 29. 2011 00:41

I would say, AA on the Pallada until lvl 48 when you get Kirov. Just skip the Rurik.
It is unuseable at lvl. When you get high lvl crew, it could be fun to play this ship, but...

At the moment, its number of main guns, number of secondary guns + the at lvl spread (or soviet
spread in geneal) = NO.