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  • Frustrated

    05. 29. 2011 15:38

I am returning to Navy Field after two years and an account wipe. I know the basic
controls and I thought I remembered how to play but even in a L class with single 6"s I
find myself near useless. I am having a hell of a hard time with dialing in my manual aim
to actually make it useful. I know that auto is fail but I am struggling to hit 5k attack
each game with my L class. I am at the point where I am loading torps up and suicide
running it just to get a few attack.
Any tips or suggestions?

  • Re : Frustrated

    06. 07. 2011 12:58

Weird to read so many comments that the L class is lackluster. I was reading the Stiff
Upper Lip guide to DDs and it seemed to suggest that the L class was pretty good. My
style of gameplay at this point is in close triple 4"s with 4" of belt. I use torps for lulz
since I cannot really afford more belt at the moment. Any recommendations on the york
versus the County line?

  • Re : Frustrated

    06. 05. 2011 00:30

speed is your friend. avoid those who like to lay off mass volleys of torps, dance around
and get into spots where you can wail away at somebody who's already engaged
against another player who's a bigger threat than you.

take pot shots here and there as you go along, and just try to do as much overall
damage without putting yourself in harms way to the point where you'll just get
obliterated by a CA or something.

and watch the SN ships, they're bigger TWs overall than all the IJN ships put together.
including the Kita types.

  • Re : Frustrated

    06. 01. 2011 08:41

I second getting an Emerald as fast as possible. The L is a lackluster DD at best, while
the Emerald is one of the finest (free) ships available in game. And once your gunners
get some levels under their belts, loading it with 5.25" RP10 duals makes a LETHAL little
ship, whether your target is aircraft or other CL.

  • Re : Frustrated

    05. 31. 2011 19:44

Welcome home! yes, TNF should be able to help.

  • Re : Frustrated

    05. 30. 2011 23:00


If you are truly going to grind through blitz, don't go back to auto. I know if may seem
frustrating, but rest assured it's like riding a bike.

As for ships that do well with the single 6", buy an o class and remodel to the Q class.
It's a fine ship and very deadly with those guns.

  • Re : Frustrated

    05. 30. 2011 20:11

With the L class, the best way to get attack is to use either the dual 6" or the single 7.5".

When you can, try to buy yourself an Emerald (does not require BO classing, just when you
hit about lvl 26ish hit "buy" it will pop up), and load it with 4" duals till you unlock
the single 7.5" (best anti-ship setup on emerald). However if you are playing mostly GBII
then put on some AA guns

Also i highly recommend you read "" and ""

  • Re : Frustrated

    05. 30. 2011 19:32

well your only in an Lclass your not going to do much better than 5k attack in that.. not
in a blitz anyway.. sure if you have elite gunners and alot of experience then maybe you
can rack up a bit more.. but it is only a dd..

also the LClass is a rubbish dd. go back to the qclass.

welcome back dude. check your hq for your old sailors if not there send a ticket.

  • Re : Frustrated

    05. 30. 2011 15:55

i find blitz more enjoyable :) it's close combat, torps, everyone hits another.. it's funny.
Greatbattle is more xp i know but it is something more serious and tough. Needs too much
attention and care.
I don't know you guys but sometimes grinding and greatbattle puts me under pressure and
i become like more stressed while playing. That time i go blitz and have some fun. I
laugh... (i am out of subject now :) )

  • Re : Frustrated

    05. 30. 2011 14:56

you'll get more frustation from the situation in blitz today than 2 years ago

  • Re : Frustrated

    05. 30. 2011 14:42

Adapting from auto aim to manual aim it's always hard. But just don't give up, eventually
you will get used to it and own with it. Also try blitz rather than gb2 if you want fun,
it's very annoying to be one hited by pretty much anything.
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