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  • Guidelines for FM Work

    05. 30. 2011 10:48

A month ago (probably more, sorry about that) you all gave us your thoughts about
what was going on with the Forum Mods Team. You gave us feedback on what you
thought was wrong and needed change and also gave us some solutions for it. We
have been working with that information and decided some guidelines that will help
us improve our FM work.

Now we will cover the main issues that were pointed out by your comments and we
will explain how things will work out from now on, this will provide consistency for
most FM actions:

1. "We don't have to send you a PM" Issue:

- All locked, but not binned threads should have a post at the end of the thread
explaining why the thread was locked. In this situation, no PM needs to be sent since
the reasons have been provided for all to read and should be clear enough so no
questions arise.
- In the event that a post has been binned a PM should be sent explaining to the
OP why the thread has been nuked. The PM will also notify that if the OP has issues
with the reasons they should submit a support ticket under 밊orum" and will be
further reviewed.
- Threads that contain Pornography, Hacking, Scams, Impersonation,
Advertisements for other games, Excessive Profanity (at least 5), and Legal Action
threads, will be binned without PMs.
- PMs for individual posts that have been hidden should be sent always.
However, in the event that a thread involves massive amounts of posts being hidden
then hide all necessary posts and post a reply explaining the reasons that action
was taken.

2. 밫oo many thread locking" Issue:

- While the rules on flaming (zero constructive comments) should be continued to
be enforced, we will try to let threads develop a little bit more. We will try to clean
threads that aren뭪 too far out of the original thread and ONLY when they are truly
derailed an no constructive discussions can take place, a thread will be locked.
Offending authors will be warned in the final FM Reply post to the thread.

3. 밯e can뭪 speak about SDE" Issue:

- This issue comes mainly because people don뭪 know how to address this topic.
If you read the rules, constructive feedback is encouraged, which means an SDE
thread is welcomed as long as it can contribute to an improvement. Express your
problem and develop a solution to be worked on.
- Never the less. What we will do with these threads is to edit the OP뭩 thread
making sure it is contributing and not just cursing SDE/GMs/TNF etc. If there is
something to be saved it will be and if not it will get locked.
- We will lock the threads and tell the OP that the thread will be allowed as long
as he/she modifies the thread to include constructive feedback. If the thread
continues to do nothing but flame, post will be nuked.

4. 밫oo many stickies" Issue:

- We will try and prevent stickies from taking up more than 40% of the space on
the first page of any section. If something like this happens we will try and merge as
many topics as possible into a metapost.

5. 밯e don뭪 know which FM edited my post" Issue:

- We will leave a mark so that players know who and what was edited.
Something simple such as 밇dited for xxxx - FMx"

6. 밳ou implement the rules as you want them" Issue

- We will go over the currently existing Forum Rules, identify anything that is NOT
clear and that needs clarification. We will update the forum rules once again to make
sure that the definitions are clear to us and to the community. We will also update
the rules to include some that have been announced but not written in the FR
Document. Rule enforcement post-changes should be applied as consistently as
possible understanding that all situations are different and that there will always be
subjectivity in some FM actions. We will be giving more updates about this point as
we keep working on this.

Thanks to everyone that gave their feedback to us and made this work possible.
Please remember you can always give new suggestions and feedback through
regular channels like PMs to Forum Mods or by sending a Support Ticket under Forum.
We will always read them and consider them.

Also, if you ever feel the need to open a thread to give us feedback on what we are
doing, please remember to give constructive feedback without flaming or ranting, you
can express your point of view without it and we will understand.

Sincerely yours,
FM Team

  • Re : Guidelines for FM Work

    06. 09. 2011 19:24

Im sure if they wanted it to be private it would have been. Its quite possible they
were looking for some input from others just in case.

Now, if i remember correctly, and if the rules are similar to the ones that were
around when i was still on the FM team (3 months ago, not that long btw) then you
shouldnt even be locking stuff in that section. One of the higher ups in TNF (cant
remember who, might have been iyoung) and the FM team leader would be the only
2 who were doing that, as they assumed (and correctly so) that FLs would be mature
enough to not get into fights on the forums. So assuming that i am remembering all
of the above correctly and it is still true today, your entire point is moot because YOU
were breaking a rule by being in that section and locking stuff. Correct me if im
wrong, ive been wrong before.

  • Re : Guidelines for FM Work

    06. 09. 2011 05:25

The only thread I have recently locked like that was an issue in HA, which was an
agreement between 2 fleets announced in the FL Section and as such it should be
resolved between those same 2 fleets... it doesn't concern anyone else except for fleet

We all hate this answer (I play HA too), but it's the only one... we know HAs have bugs
and until it is resolved, we have to deal with it.

If you wish to talk about the locking of any thread, feel free to PM me. I prefer the direct
contact instead of just posting in the forum.

  • Re : Guidelines for FM Work

    06. 08. 2011 23:39


Angus you've done a pretty good job lately.
Bloodsky same to you as I wrote for Angus.

  • Re : Guidelines for FM Work

    06. 08. 2011 12:21

As a member of TNF/FM team, it doesn't matter if he has heard rumours or not, he
shouldn't be making remarks like that.

The FM1 team was by a long way the best.

  • Re : Guidelines for FM Work

    06. 08. 2011 11:38

@ Ice
"Yes im sure that function existed, maybe you will find opening posts with it in the bin.

Well it doesnt matter anyway, what matters is that your new function can not be
manipulated or deleted."

The function exists for binning topics, in the bin the OPs thread has a line added "binned
by _______". Sadly the same is not true for editing posts :(

  • Re : Guidelines for FM Work

    06. 07. 2011 07:48

'From what i hear from you, lj, splid, and others it
seems as some were powerhungry.'

He's doesn't outright declare that they were, or qualify it as his own knowledge, saying
that it was just what he had heard.

Overreaction on your part to be honest.

  • Re : Guidelines for FM Work

    06. 07. 2011 06:13

"He also said 'I don't know how the first FM team was' at which point you launched
into a rant about how you were offended by his accusations"

Because it is incredibly irresponsible to go off on declaring people as power hungry
without even knowledge of who was part of the team.

That an FM (who is ostensibly connected to TNF) is randomly declaring people power
hungry in a thread talking about how the position has improved just makes it

  • Re : Guidelines for FM Work

    06. 07. 2011 01:12

Yes im sure that function existed, maybe you will find opening posts with it in the bin.

Well it doesnt matter anyway, what matters is that your new function can not be manipulated or

  • Re : Guidelines for FM Work

    06. 07. 2011 00:38


Try not to be so defensive?

You went from 'It doesn't happen with this FM team'


'That first FM team? Ridiculous. Those power hungry bastards had no idea how to
actually fix anything.'

Maybe reading a little too much into his words.

He also said 'I don't know how the first FM team was' at which point you launched
into a rant about how you were offended by his accusations and would defend your
validity as an FM to the death yadayada.

Wee bit sore about iyoung?

  • Re : Guidelines for FM Work

    06. 07. 2011 00:33

You people don't give it a rest do you? They are clearly trying to make improvements
and changes, and all you can do is make your self righteous little comments about
how 'I was a better mod.'

A few years ago, if anyone remembers the massive MO flame war, people were being
banned, posts deleted and locked constantly as a response. And that was the right

Clearly, there needs to be a set of guidelines as to what is blatantly unacceptable,
and perhaps I agree with LJ here (pm's should always be sent,) but, for example, if
a post was created celebrating the KKK I personally think it would be acceptable to
bin that post without a pm. Hell, go and permaban the OP as far as I'm concerned.

People need to realise that this group of forum mods is doing well in terms of trying
to fix what mistakes they may have made in the past. Also they should perhaps
remove themselves from their high horse, where they are apparently omniscient
when it comes to Navyfield.
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