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  • Locating Ships Without Scouts For Dummies

    05. 30. 2011 13:24

It should first be noted that you need a CV with bombers to use this tactic, unless
you fightercamp people a lot.

Basically the whole point of this tactic is to show how you can locate ships (especially
CVs) if your team isn't doing a good job of scouting and you badly need to find a
certain ship or just a ship in general.

Step 1: Load and launch your bombers (Seriously, do I even need to mention this?)

Step 2: Listen for plane noises, this is either planes enroute to bomb you or a
teammate (which is bad), planes enroute to fightercamp you or a teammate (which is
also not a good thing), or a CV launching planes (which is good). Send your bombers
to the point where you heard the plane noises.

Step 3: If he isn't there, move your bombers around the area. If you see AAW,
you've found him. Chase it. This may sound like a dumb thing to do since that AAW
is firing at your planes, however it will lead you straight to him.

Step 4: Bomb time after time until he sinks.

Also, another helpful way (if the CV is has planes near your bombers) to find a ship is
to follow it's planes home. If your bombers are faster than whatever is heading
back, be sure to just head in the general direction they're going.

NOTE: When locating the ship, be sure to avoid fighters. If it's a CV you're looking
for, this is a good sign, because if they aren't in the circle of inconclusiveness, order
your bombers to head in the direction they came from.

And yes, those enemy planes are bombers. I didn't feel like getting my bombers
chewed through.

A special thanks to legion501st who was the target...errr other CV in this guide.

  • Re : Locating Ships Without Scouts For Dummies

    06. 01. 2011 08:20

This is one great use for teammates who are hanging around for more XP after they're dead.
Not only can you hear the planes in the darkness, but launching planes also make a little
graphic tic in the darkness, so you can tell a ship is there if you catch it launching.
F2 for team chat and tell someone about it. =)

  • Re : Locating Ships Without Scouts For Dummies

    06. 01. 2011 04:56

I use this method if im bombing BUT I dont use NF sounds (They drive me nuts) I
ususally know where the enemy ship it... I guess it's luck.

  • Re : Locating Ships Without Scouts For Dummies

    05. 31. 2011 23:52

I use a similar tactic. But i generally ready 1-2 fighters on 2 or so pilots and send
them out infront of the bombers.

Works as an escort and also as a scout.

  • Re : Locating Ships Without Scouts For Dummies

    05. 31. 2011 23:22

Rename it....

Bomber Whoring for Dummies.

  • Re : Locating Ships Without Scouts For Dummies

    05. 31. 2011 13:37

Meh, changed the title a bit to something more fitting lol.

  • Re : Dead-Reckoning For Dummies

    05. 31. 2011 13:04

nice guide, but i was already using this method since i was in my cv in nfeu :), and still
using it today in my new cv here in nfna...

we should sticky this for others :)

  • Re : Dead-Reckoning For Dummies

    05. 31. 2011 11:46

Dead reckoning is determining your current location through using your last known
location and plotting the distance you've traveled (based upon your speed and the
time elapsed) along with the heading.

Do other players know your tactic as that name? Just doesn't suit in my mind.