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  • Paris or Lorraine?

    05. 30. 2011 15:35

Hi there, I was curious what your opinions are on these 2 ships.
I currently have the paris and it is a very nice ship but was wondering if the Lorraine
would be a better option as it can hold more binds of the 13.4" guns.

Would the Lorraine with the 13.4" guns be able to achieve the same speed or more compared
to the Paris set up with 4 12 inch guns using the BC2 engine?

Last question, what is the difference in damage between the 2 sets of guns.

Any input would be appreciated.

  • Re : Paris or Lorraine?

    05. 31. 2011 09:38

If Paris can fit 2 binds of lorraine guns, it's enough to get at least 100k in GB.

  • Re : Paris or Lorraine?

    05. 30. 2011 21:26

Lorraine is faster and got more range than paris,

lorraine got a decent speed of 24/36 with 4 13.4" with 4 binds (supports 2reps and the
rest are engies) 24/35(3reps and the rest engies)
while paris can go 24/36 with same setting but only 1 or 2 binds(same setting) 24/35(same
and 24/34 with full 12"

to me, 12" pack more punch but less in range and 13.4 good damage but got more range

  • Re : Paris or Lorraine?

    05. 30. 2011 17:55

From what I've read so far, the Paris is a pretty good ship but is somewhat slow. The
Lorraine is supposed to be faster. I don't know if these statements are true or not but if
you searched for each ship individually in the forum they chat a lot about them.