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  • Moving

    05. 31. 2011 10:20

Ok I just moved from USA to Serbia ( Europe) , I started to play NF but lag is very bad ,
so Should I download the game again because on this one says NFNorthAmerica ( I guess
thats the server) , so should I download it here maybe it will say NF Europe or whatever
,maybe it will fix that lag ? So if you can help me please do. Thank you .

  • Re : Moving

    06. 03. 2011 14:55

well when I was trying the game in EU I was not on vanguard and maybe that is the reason
but still I didnt like it there.

Also anyone know how to install both games and launcher not bug on one of them.(Launcher
on the old one get replaced by the new install. And I cant find a way to avoid it)

  • Re : Moving

    06. 03. 2011 02:32

Thanks yall for answers , I'll go with putting acc to sleep , because I cant play I cant
use my radio man for some reason to talk with fleet , and I have that prem. acc , so If I
can put this whole thing to a halt I will .

  • Re : Moving

    06. 02. 2011 12:04

warning topic derail accurring

like storm said check with your local enternet company see if they can help before
you abandon all hope

  • Re : Moving

    06. 02. 2011 08:31

not all player there are german/ speak german all the time, ive been playing for almost 2
yrs there (in hood server now vanguard) most speaks english, some chinese, brazilians,
spanish, german...

prem ship last only a month? did they return to the limit or usage or you must be wrong,
only funny side in nfeu is that the event bbs are for sale and can use prem bb guns :D

  • Re : Moving

    06. 02. 2011 07:54

NFEU may have better ping but 90% of players there are german and completly ignore people
that cant speak their language.
Also there free users get less exp, boosted crew get +10% more bonus, premium ships last
for month. CV and BB 5 cost +200k to repair and alot more stuff.

As whole NFNA>>>>>>>>NFEU (unless you are german)

  • Re : Moving

    06. 02. 2011 07:08

For emphasis storm, you might want to CAP "different" and not companies.

  • Re : Moving

    06. 01. 2011 13:32

Navy Field North America and Navy Field Europe are two totally different COMPANIES, and
user accounts are not shared between them. If you want to keep playing the account you
have, your only choice is to continue to try and connect to NFNA.

Have you asked your new internet provider about the issue?

  • Re : Moving

    06. 01. 2011 07:35

you can save your acct by putting it to sleep mode and save your prem bro

  • Re : Moving

    06. 01. 2011 03:05

I actually didnt say any of that, you did.

  • Re : Moving

    06. 01. 2011 02:32

So you are telling me that I can't forget about my current crew on NF while im in Europe ?
So 8 months or grinding , and I have to stop now , until im back ? what a dumb game . And
I can say bye to 2 months of premium acc -.-'
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