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  • navyfield crashes

    06. 04. 2011 07:42

whenever i go in a lobby, theres 70 procent chance of the game freezing. I can see water
moving and stuff, but i cant move my ship, nor can i talk or anything. I have to use
ctrl+alt+delete to get out off my game, shut it off, and start over. I do have noticed
that when i manage to close my game, i see a load of icons of 'ffdshow audio decoder', but
since i dont realy understand what that program does, i dont know if that is the problem.
i have tried to delete it, but now not only the game crashes, the screen freezes too.
please help.

  • Re : navyfield crashes

    06. 11. 2011 23:29

Same thing here...once the new patch for the drops went in to effect, I crash very
frequently. Really 2 or 3 games and then it freezes.

New laptop with Windows 7 Premium Home here.

  • Re : navyfield crashes

    06. 10. 2011 05:23

Got same problem with Win7, it all worked fine until drop event whioch started today.
Since my first battle in this event when I won a prize, I crashed 33 times in 6hrs, I was
unable to play a single battle. I'm loosing my time, my prem account and no one can help
and find a solution to this :/

  • Re : navyfield crashes

    06. 09. 2011 20:52

same thing here. windows 7 computer. nf freeze while waiting on battleroom and just as
the battle would start.

  • Re : navyfield crashes

    06. 08. 2011 07:43

ok thank you.

  • Re : navyfield crashes

    06. 08. 2011 00:01

Try reinstalling your audio codec, i've had problems with the ffdshow one myself and that
should atleast fix that problem.

  • Re : navyfield crashes

    06. 07. 2011 11:50

can someone please help, it's so annoying