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    06. 04. 2011 11:10

Does anyone know how to make those forum signatures with NF ships and what
program do you use?

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    06. 09. 2011 05:54

thnx guys >.<

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    06. 09. 2011 04:18


  • Re : Signature

    06. 09. 2011 02:54

example for you

  • Re : Signature

    06. 09. 2011 01:49

@mask -can u post the link of the stats sig block pls, thnx!

  • Re : Signature

    06. 04. 2011 22:32

read his post mask, he said the ship siggy

  • Re : Signature

    06. 04. 2011 21:42


did you mean the stats sig block ?? ....

or ... did you mean something more along the line such as this one ?

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    06. 04. 2011 21:10

i tend to design and make my own sigs, i use a programme called fireworks although my
version is a little out of date at the momment..

easiest way of doing it is to find the images you want like most then play with them
in fireworks untill you get a finish you like..

it's really pretty easy to do

once you have created your masterppeice load into windows paint,, then save as a bitmap or
jpeg. it essentially shrinks the file size.

ive been creating some swtor sigs for some of the soon to be players in that game.. its
also the same process for a static forum banner.

if you want a sig with effects and motion then use flash fx combined with fireworks, im
sure their are bettter programms out there but i like the macromedia studios package. its
all flash based. although i havnt really used much in the last year or so.

did a bit of work for a few player owned corps and alliances in eve-online.. but nothing
too significant. im also turning out a few forum banners and sigs for the some guilds in
swtor too. wish they paid me lol.

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    06. 04. 2011 17:04

There was a template created awhile back by one of our Chilean players, but I am not sure
if he ever updated it since the last time I had seen him. The template was created as a
.psd so it works on Photoshop.


  • Re : Signature

    06. 04. 2011 11:21

First off, its a very long and painsteaking process, even for skilled skilled spriters.
I can't really give you a how-to on this one because I havent even mastered it.
All I really know is you need an image editor like PhotoShop or Paint.NET and