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  • soviet sprites

    06. 04. 2011 20:33

I downloaded the sprites as prompted by the game wine I opened it said successful and I thought
nothing of it.

Recently I noticed some very strange Russian ships floating around...destroyers are battleships and battleships
look like two cv's humping eachother...

I imagine you've had this asked before but how do I fix this

  • Re : soviet sprites

    06. 05. 2011 21:57

just copy the spr you extracted from the download and paste it on the spr folder of nf

  • Re : soviet sprites

    06. 05. 2011 21:07

Ok I did that and downloaded the SPR_Fixed contains a bunch of sprites like "shipstructureF217"
and so forth with different numbers...

I found the current SPR folder and it contains a bunch of sprites along with several that correspond with the
same name as some in the SPR_Fixed folder....

So what I am supposed to do is delete the duplicated ship names in the current folder and drag and drop the
ones from the fixed folder in their place? Do I have this correct? I don't want to delete the whole SPR
folder...just the parts that correspond with the fixed folder

Or do I not delete anything and just put those sprites in?

  • Re : soviet sprites

    06. 04. 2011 22:27


Soviet ship image fixed download link

For players who see the wrong ship images for Soviet, please download this link and
extract it. Copy the files in the folder and overwrite it in the SPR folder in your
NavyField folder.

Caution - Do not overwrite the update SPR folder itself on to the NavyField folder.
You have to unzip and then copy the set of SPR files in the soviet update folder and
then paste it into the SPR folder of NavyField.

  • Re : soviet sprites

    06. 04. 2011 21:56

you can download spr fix in the download area of the website