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  • UK Fighters

    06. 04. 2011 20:43

I heard UK has the worst fighters...confirm or deny...if so how worse or is it one of those negligible differences
when I reach a high level...I have a uk CV now and I do ok...I get merked by enemy T4's but I only have T3's

  • Re : UK Fighters

    06. 04. 2011 21:13

slow fighters, weak attack,

they do have good durability but its not enough to make up for the lack in everything
else.. uk fighters start to get ok!! once they are around the lvl 100 mark. but they will
never be a match for other nations. you need to have +12 /+13 fp base stats for them to be

i play a uk pcv.. and well only reason im able to kill other peoples planes is because im
level 115. and the people i kill are not level 115. and even then i still loose more
planes than you would expect to loose at that level to much much lower level players.

uk fp needs some serious balanceing.