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  • How to train BO for ss line

    06. 05. 2011 08:41

I reach lvl22 and now when i train at blitz i get around 2k exp. Is that the good exp for
my lvl?
Can't wait to use ss

  • Re : How to train BO for ss line

    06. 06. 2011 20:35

Thanks for the guide

  • Re : How to train BO for ss line

    06. 06. 2011 05:32


how i train my BO for IJN SS line ...

my IJN SS starts with a kita ... and i tend to skip the SS-1's ..

first you need to have your ss crew rolled ... you will need :
- SAILOR (ss-BO-to-be)

i'll start with a note on the SAILOR (ss-BO-to-be)
this is a nationalized but unclassed high potential sailor ..
make him IJN but do not class as BO or anything else (YET)
leave him as a simple ijn sailor .. install him on the kita bow to run the guns

level the SONARMAN and PLANESMAN together as a pair ... do not seperate them

the ENGINEER - REPAIRMAN - RESTORER - SEAMAN can all be rotated while leveling

kita setup:
(of course you will need to have an IJN BB BO leveled and classed for the KITA)

as mentioned .. i put the unclassed SAILOR(BO-2-B) on the bow of my kita
i tend to mount a pair of single 6" guns on my kita bow .. the sailor can run them

the torpedomen go in the torp slots and run the torps on the kita while in blitz
(note: for SS use the SS BO and TORPMEN must be at or above SS hip level to work)

the SONAR and PLANES go in the support slots for leveling
(toss them BOTH off when they get to fat to fit anymore .. see below ENGR notes)

the ENGR, REP, RES, SEAMAN also go in the support slots for leveling
these can all be rotated on or off the ship as they fatten up and no longer fit
you may even already have the necessary supports already leveled for BB/CV use

i tend to start with the 3 support slots filled with the SONAR, PLANES, and ENGR
then juggle as needed to level the REP and SEAMAN .. if needed - may already have

generally .. by the time my kita is blitzed out at level 61 .. my TORPEDOMEN and bow
SAILOR(BO-2-B) are all close to somewhere around near level 60-ish .. the IJN SS-2
is lvl 49 and the SS-3 is lvl 62 .. so you can go ahead and class the bow SAILOR(BO-
2-B) as an SS-2 BO .. or play a few more games on the kita in GB and get them to lvl
62 before classing to SS-3 if you prefer ..

this lets me play the kita in blitz .. while leveling up my SS crew on the kita ..
and once i'm blitzed out on the kita .. then the SS crew is ready to go into GB ..

be warned tho .. this method shortchanges your actual ijn GUNNERS pair ..
since the IJN BB BO is the KITA driver .. and no formal gunners are used on the kita ..
you will need to use the ijn cv bo (mogami) to help level up the ijn gunners for BB use

side note on the mogami ..
i use a pair of to-be-late-classed ARMAMENT sailors in my mogami T slots to run
torps or aa ... these are being spd-lvl'd to become my IJN DP GUNNERS around lvl 70
so the mogami is my primary ginner leveling ship .. used under a CV BO (ijn has 2)
in order to catch my gunners up with my BB BO after the kita crew becomes SS crew

  • Re : How to train BO for ss line

    06. 06. 2011 05:26

for SS just powerlevel the BO (pick his nation but dont change his class to BO yet. SS BO
dont need skill )
Join GB2 only.(alot of exp low money)
And for money, just roll few neuts, level them to 12 and then sell them for 200-400k
each(depending on market and class)

And dont class your BO until tier2. All t1 subs are completly useless and no fun at
all.(low air, weak damage)

  • Re : How to train BO for ss line

    06. 06. 2011 04:13

Ok. Thanks guys

  • Re : How to train BO for ss line

    06. 06. 2011 01:39

GB2 doesnt give enough credits to go with that xp, so you cant afford a new ship
when you get access to it.

If you're new to NF stick with blitz until you've leveled out of it. It gives the best

  • Re : How to train BO for ss line

    06. 06. 2011 00:34

dude I'm training my IJN SS crew in my Emden,I AA and get about 10-13k exp every
time we win or about 4k when we loose (thats GB2 btw)
since I can only train 5 sailors in Emden(because you can only drive and shoot down
planes on that ship if ur sailors and KM) I decided to train them in 2 batch

1st batch
so that 5 sailors is 2torpsmen 1planesman 1 sonarman and 1 engineer.
and when those 5 reach level 38 for SS1

2nd batch
I'll train or powerlevel a BO and just nationalized him as a IJN sailor because BO can't
ride ship with another BO and nationalized sailors without specific jobs get 140% exp
,since you still have 4 more slots why don;t you train another engineer because you will
need that later,and train your 2 torpsmen so they level too and they'll go ahead of your

-so for 2nd batch its
1 IJN sailor (BO)
another engineer
and ur 2 torpsmen

I hope you get my point,I'm not saying to do this but It's your choice mate I just shared
my Idea :P I don't know if anyone will recommend this,but in my opinion this is better
than 1-2k exp I usually get every blitz because I get 10-13k in AAing.

and If you choose this way of leveling you can always use any other AAships that can
hold your leveling sailors