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  • SS crew and SS1

    06. 07. 2011 07:23

ok so I'm training my SS crews at my Emden 5 sailors at a time so far its 2torpsmen
1planes 1 sonar 1 engi.. and for the 2nd batch I'll train/powerlevel 2BO 1 for SS and 1
for kitakami(just for fun) and maybe 1-2more Engi and maybe I'll train my torpsman

my plan is just train em until 38 for ss1 but almost all ppl I ask say that ss1 sucksss
how bad is ss1? so I guess I'll train em until level 49 -.-

anyone here want to share their motivation to level during ss1 stage??


  • Re : SS crew and SS1

    06. 09. 2011 07:01

but ss2 crew at-level is just fine right??
its kinda frustrating to level em up to 49 -.-"

  • Re : SS crew and SS1

    06. 09. 2011 03:59

IJN subs usally have very long range torps do good damage and have alot of torp

but thare subs are also the slowest(which i think is very bad ) and have worst
turning force correct me if im wrong?

  • Re : SS crew and SS1

    06. 08. 2011 15:33

I too am training an ss crew. got my torps, sonar, planesman, power lvl BO, and some
other random dude to sell on an emerald (4 support slots).

Theyve been getting a lvl per GB game, win or lose. (win makes up for a loss since they
gain a lvl plus 99% exp from the next lvl, thanks to the event, no prem). 1 lvl per blitz
up to 20ish.

Now they are starting to feel the exp cut due to ship lvl (50's over 26) so im gonna put
them on a pensacola till ss4. AA all the way also helps with experts.

Skipping ss1 is really easy to do. If this is your first ss, then play a few games in ss2
just to learn the style and tactics. 20 blitz games is like a day and 30 GB is like 2 more
days and you got yourself an ss2.

Btw, Ijn ss2 is a beast and can actually impact a GB.

  • Re : SS crew and SS1

    06. 07. 2011 09:37

if you are a ijn ss1 ur only hope is to pray ur side's bb collaspe in enitre flank(either
north or south) and enemey bb's enter ur area.since u cannot do cross border raids
best u can hope is above mentioned situation.i did sink a montana myself in my first
few battles(when the collaspe of south flank happened) but then subs were not
considered as threat and bulge not in fashion.

  • Re : SS crew and SS1

    06. 07. 2011 09:13

1) low air,
2) slow,

3) you'll need luck to reach to the enemy side (due to torp wall, bb will shoot at you if
your not submerged yet, high level ss will sometimes meet you up, cv will tb you)

wait till ss2, but no one forcing you, if you want to play a ss1 go for the ss1, just be
cautious to your surrounding while in ss1 sink small ships or go with another ss to form a
wolfpack and be carefull on km subs and their proxy torps :)

have fun