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Imperial Japanese Navy


  • 16 inch for fuso

    06. 07. 2011 23:46

my gunners just got lvl 79 so i can use 16 d guns on fuso.but i heard that they have
bad spread. my gunners have only 50 vets around 200 is it wise to switch to
16 or stick with 14?base is 11/11 boosted.

  • Re : 16 inch for fuso

    06. 11. 2011 06:21

16 inch are a fun setup. 14 L are the clearly superiour gun set, 3 knots more speed, more
range, better spread. No matter what target.

  • Re : 16 inch for fuso

    06. 10. 2011 20:52

SY game play is almost your typical BB5 game play, which is more or less different from
every other tier (excluding BB6s).

I'd go with the 16" guns, as they're generally better for GB.

  • Re : 16 inch for fuso

    06. 10. 2011 13:41

I would recommend waiting til level 83-85+...

If you hated the Nagato Grind like the majority of players you're going to find yourself in the
Fuso more then you think (I did roughly a 1/3 of my Yamato -> Super Yamato grind in Fuso
with 16')

The huge damage and short range teaches you to be sneaky *hint hint* good for Super
Yamato Game play *hint hint*. Using this setup you need to learn when to push the
offensive and when to stay back.

With the 14Ls I would generally stick to shooting BB1-3 only.. which were pretty easy to kill,
but the experience wasn't that great. With the 16s, I would target BB3-6 (generally
shooting from the top down). Shooting higher tiered ships grants you high xp so... You do
the math.

  • Re : 16 inch for fuso

    06. 08. 2011 13:46

Try them in a test mission and see what your spread is like. Frankly iirc spread with the
16s seemed somewhat better than the 14Ls.

16s will give you better reload and harder hitting, but you will sacrifice range. Frankly
I tried them for a few games but quickly went back to the 14Ls. They both hit hard.
Liked 42 knots better than 39 too.

  • Re : 16 inch for fuso

    06. 08. 2011 05:07

and try getting more vets to your gunners at least 100 vets

  • Re : 16 inch for fuso

    06. 08. 2011 01:06

stay with the 14"