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  • 8" guns not hitting?

    06. 08. 2011 06:30

I recently got the Baltimore and I've been using the triple 8" Mark 13 (can't
remember if its the N or D models). My spread is pretty bad because my gunners are
on the same lvl as my BO, but my problem is that it seems even when a shell
SHOULD hit a ship, it doesn't. The animation shows the shell going right through a
ship and splashing water. I didn't have this issue with trip 6" on previous ships. Any
clues or advice?

  • Re : 8

    06. 08. 2011 11:45

if your spread is bad with the triple 8"s, going back to the dual 8"s will be even worse
since you cant blockshot them.

you can gain experts by doing AA in GBs (probably using a brooklyn), and try to convert
them to vets during this event (+50% vet conversion). or you can just buy stuff if you
really wish to spend money

and yes, if you're still using auto...that might be why also

  • Re : 8

    06. 08. 2011 09:39

actually its normal, it just misses the target by a mm, (always happen to my strasbourg
when rushing still having hard time in my rushing angles), you won't feel in 6" below guns
but on 7"+ you'll notice

what fcs you use? try to use manual if your still on auto, use L guns it outranges N and
D, avoid rushing, and learn your angles and predict where your enemy will turn or move,
always mark your max range from the beginning with 8" (by firing either north or south),

you can try backtracking to brooklyn or practice the 8" with cleveland using the duals by
the time you can get alaska in your ship tree go back to your balti