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  • Classifying Alaska as an CA

    06. 09. 2011 06:36

I found a very old topic about this (02/2007). But it's time to think about this again .

Alaska have 4 support slot . Now , both CA Algerie and CA Maxim Gorki have 5
support slot .
Once upon a time , P Project is a BC , but Classifying at PS(CA) now . I don't know
why we can't classify Alaska as CA .

In my oponion , if count Alaska as CA make he overpower , we can nerf he a little ,
range , DP or OH ratio , to balance Alaska as a high level CA .

  • Re : Classifying Alaska as an CA

    06. 11. 2011 00:39

*Pointless expression*

No offense this is a pointless topic.

I grinded through the hard way with both the Alaska and the Nevada a couple times since i
started on NF. The Alaska is a BC and WON'T change, if you use it right in blitz you can
be very efficient with it. Range is life, your spread may be bad but use the alaska's
speed. The Guam and Alaska are supposedly the worst BB1's in the game, but hell i look at
them as the funnest. I have a monty and i still have both the Alaska and Guam in harbor, I
was happy to get the Alaska in blitz (right after they changed it i got my Alaska) and i
looked at it this way crappy spread just means develop better tactics. The Alaska/Guam can
use the Dual 14's, trip 12's (highly recommended), or the Trip 14's. It is one of the most
versatile bb1's in the game which is why it should not be classified as a CA.

  • Re : Classifying Alaska as an CA

    06. 10. 2011 18:32

I am a KM user, but I have some sympathy with what you are saying, P pro has 4 supports,
and is a CA, it ranges alaska, and has far better AA. However in order for this to work,
Alaska would have to loose a gun slot

  • Re : Classifying Alaska as an CA

    06. 10. 2011 18:27

I havent played USN, but Alaska is food for: DBcv, TBcv, Kita, and DD

Did I mention its food for Agano?

It needs a speed boost/range.

  • Re : Classifying Alaska as an CA

    06. 10. 2011 16:02

I think I missed some more infomation of this .

Now Alaska seems like a penalty to player who choose Brooklyn-South Dakota line .
Grind on Alaska is always painful , not because it's a weak ship , because it don't
really have capability of a BB1 .
It have crap range , even ranged by some CA (not PCA) . It have less DP in BB1 with
super big hitbox . 4 support slot is a pain , maybe it's a reasonalbe weak point in the
past , but now we have NCA with more support slot . And more and more CA have
better combat capability then Alaska (speed , range , damege out put , anti-
aircraft) .
We know Alsaka have super AAW ability , but this didn't work . Alaska have good
speed , but lot of BB1-3 can do better , and have better turning force then Alaska .

Alaska count as BB in any room , and even with high level crew , it's hard(not
impossible , but you know how hard this is) for Alaska to work as a BB1 .

In my opinion , if classified Alaska without change make it overpower , we can do
some nerf to it , make it become a "special one" , like P project I or Rurik . We can
nerf it reload time , range , and/or accuracy to nerf it's damege out put to CA level (I
know nerf shell damege will also effect Guam) , nerf it's usable didplacement and/or
ammor weight to prevent AW with 8" gun or super speed . nerf DP to let it as fragile
as CA .

Or just buff Alaska as BB1 by +1 support slot and range buff , buff Guam to BB2 .

  • Re : Classifying Alaska as an CA

    06. 09. 2011 18:51

^^^^^ lol!

  • Re : Classifying Alaska as an CA

    06. 09. 2011 18:19

He knows. It was a joke.

The alaska isnt classed as a CA because, unlike CAs, if it landed 6 shells on other
CAs said CA would be dead. CAn you count how many times i said CA in that
sentence about CAs?

  • Re : Classifying Alaska as an CA

    06. 09. 2011 18:08

PCA is like a really good CA

  • Re : Classifying Alaska as an CA

    06. 09. 2011 13:29

Alaska is classed as a BC because of its capabilities, not on number of support slots.

The PCA Moltke on the other hand seems to be a bit misclassed, but it is one of the
better Battleships in blitz.