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  • How do Cvs make credits?

    06. 11. 2011 14:46

I used the search function and looked throughly on a couple of sites for this awnser
and didn't find anything, so don't bug me about I didn't use the search function.

I know I am not usually the one that asks questions about navyfield. Although, I am
in a delemma that has myself on the fence looking down and up and all around for

I currently own an Essex, used to own a Taiho. I just want to know how cvs make
credits. I know if you shoot down planes you make credit, I got that. I also know if
you shoot down more planes your suppose to make more credits. Also if you shoot
down a lot of higher tier planes you would make more credits than lower tier planes
(excluding the local fighters).

Alright so I have some games where I make about 9k in shoot downs you know
pretty typical and I give sight all game and my team loses. I make a lot of credits
that game usually anywhere between 75-90k credits. However, I might have a
winning game where I only shoot down 2-3k (sometimes 4k) in shoot downs going
up against higher tier planes (tier 4) and only make anywhere around 44-60k
credits. I use about the same amount of planes both wins and losses.

Although there are the outlier games where I make 8-9k in shoot downs in a win
(scouting the whole time still) and make about the same amount of credits as the 2-
4k shoot down games with a win. Also of course there are the outlier games with
loses where you don't have a lot of shoot downs and you still make around 60k in
credits, go figure.

I am no where near a bomber whore cv I only use 1 bomber pilot atm. If I do get
any attack 97% of my games the attack will only be around 100 (due to my plane
falling and crashing into their ships.)

NOTE: I am only using Tier 3 US fighters.

Does anyone have an awnser for this and if yes I would like to know and please
explain how and why?

  • Re : How do Cvs make credits?

    06. 12. 2011 12:57

It's probably dependent on the team bud. A high personal credit score with high team
attack will give more credits than high personal credits with a decent or low team
attack(win or lose). Just remember, CVs aren't entirely as independent from shared exp in
comparison to a BB of similar level.

  • Re : How do Cvs make credits?

    06. 12. 2011 12:26

hey elliot, making money in a cv is easy, ill give you a few pointer on how i regularly
make anything from 80k - 300k per battle. it varies each time.

first off the biggest money spinner is cv rooms. you dont have to survive you just have to
go in with locals and just use them all up trying to shoot down as many planes as
possible. it doesnt matter if you loose all your fp or you suck at micro manage. what
matters is the credits. dont wirry about winning or looseing just think money.

if you win doing this youl get a cool and easy 100k+ credits which is pretty good. i drive
a pcv and i average roughly 200k+ per game..

also you do actually get more credits for shooting down more planes, this does include
bombers. you will notice that the higher tier planes give more credits. bombing however
on the other hand wether it be db or tb yields far less credits than your fighters do. i
think the reason is the db and tb dmg modifiers are based on the BB attack/credit gain
scale. meaning useing just bombers will gain you similar credits to that if you was
playing a bb. where as playing fp will show a significant amount more.

their really is no tactics to makeing money just understanding which methods of cv play
yields the most. and it just so happens to be fighters.. also if you can fit AA on your cv
do that too. you get additional credits for AA fire also.

on an absolute worst case scenario in any battle, youll get over 50k which is still more
than a bb. your essex should be earning you an easy 100k per cv battle and an easy 60k+ in
a gb2 if you bomb only!!, you will get much less.

the way i play is fp right up until i can see we are winning then ill start useing tb's as
this adds to the xp for cv's fp for credits bombers for xp. you have to actively search
out enemy fighterss and bombers and try to take them down.. now your t3 will be ok in gb
but they will still get chewed up by higher levels. my advice at lower levels is stick
with locals. ignore the whining you get from bb players. your playing for you not them.
your locals will protect them from bombers, just sail close to the bb line but behind and
provide fc. take down enemy scouts fighters and bombers. leave the scouting to the hire
level cv's on your team who can stand up to high level fp.

also if you are able to sink high level cv's in a cv room you will make a ton of cash.
most ive had from a cv room is 360k give or take the odd k or two.

fp = good steady income (if used)
tb/db= xp boost and an ok credit amount (if used)
sinking higher level cv's = huge credit + moderate xp boost.

at your level with the essex in a cv room use just locals and wait for the enemy planes to
come to you and do go chaseing. give them a chance to land and always have another wave
ready to launch.

ideally you need 6 fp. it allows you to load pilots 1,2,3, with 3 planes each. andthen
launch, while they are launched you load up 4,5,6, with 3 planes each, when your first
wave comes to land launch your second wave and repeat. keep those locals up and drag them,
t4 fighters will chew them up if your not careful.

  • Re : How do Cvs make credits?

    06. 12. 2011 12:09


No, I bet it doesn't work like that... That's my thoughts..


Gotta Agree with Sindher...


So far, I have been asking me the same question about CVs Win Creds... And have not an
answer yet...

Here is my point of view... ( Kinda the same as you said...)

I have 6 Fts pilot (Using 5 atm, Yeah I'm a fw) I have US PCV... When I play my cv, i
problably make 10k-20k Personal credits (not in all games), So from those 15k-20k, Let say
that most of them are from cv5-pcv's planes (So, lvl +100 fts) and some other credits from
another cv's bomber/fts...

If i get a win, i would think ' Oh, yeah... I'll win more than 150k creds this game' but
when i look at the Creds won, I just see 50k-80k... Maybe (if the Magic is with me, i
could get a +100k game)

Here is another example, Sometimes i win games with only 6k-10k Personal Credits (That's
because I only scout and if i can, i kill the bombers or scouts), let's say i get the win
again... I look at the credits and it says... 80k-100k credits?........ WTH?


I was trying to do something long time ago...
My point was... The more FTS you Lose, More credits You win... I still cannot prove that,

Sometimes i lose 60-70 fts, and i won the same credits that if i lost 20-40 fts...

So lets Say----
P.Creds+ %BattleCreds> Premium%> Maigc> 1k credits and points.

Oh,, and this is something i do not like playing Cvs in GB2...
GB2 has Leeeeeeeeeeess Win Creds Percent than GB1...

And you can't start a GB2 with CVs, That's ironic, right? ^^

Those are my thoughts... and, btw sorry for my english :)

  • Re : How do Cvs make credits?

    06. 12. 2011 07:50

Is there no one with a plausible awnser to what I am asking, does no one know or
understand just like me?

  • Re : How do Cvs make credits?

    06. 11. 2011 17:30

I have a friend who knows a guy who has a cousin that heard of this fella that prints
his own credits.

  • Re : How do Cvs make credits?

    06. 11. 2011 17:21

CVs dont really make credits anymore. Well they do but GB2 credit gain is shit compared to
GB1. 150-200k games on free account are not that hard to do in PCV or CV6 if you have alot
of food.

"I can tb all game in my midway or db with SU pcv all game get maybe 200k
attack and only recieve 50k credits but a fair amount of exp."

How the hell do you get good exp on midway? I always get 0 :(

  • Re : How do Cvs make credits?

    06. 11. 2011 16:35

Why do you think CV Select Mode AB rooms are so famous?

  • Re : How do Cvs make credits?

    06. 11. 2011 15:59

I agree with Sindher.

  • Re : How do Cvs make credits?

    06. 11. 2011 15:54

The more planes you shoot down the more credits you earn. At least that's how the game
worked for me. I can tb all game in my midway or db with SU pcv all game get maybe 200k
attack and only recieve 50k credits but a fair amount of exp. Using fighters however on
midway can earn me up to 300k+ credits per game.

  • Re : How do Cvs make credits?

    06. 11. 2011 15:13

It's magic.