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  • CV Crew after introduction of SS

    06. 12. 2011 05:53


I have played CV for a short while but I think I am still a newbie at this stage. I am
trying to start a new nation (US) for a cv and want it to have the best set up. I have
done quite a lot of research but I am still struggling on my set up.

I have quite a lot of pilots for me to be flexible:
5FP (may be one more FP?)

but I am not sure whether it is required to put a reload gunner on. Since most of the
old post said they don't need a gunner. However, since SS is introduced, I am not
sure whether a gunner is needed when you are watching by a SS in order to shoot it
when it surfaces.

Another question, do I still need a Medic and a Seaman? Some say the new patch is
released and doesn't require a Medic, how about seaman? where should I put?

Should I put a REP or ENG as well?

Finally, I saw some people suggested using a BB line to level up your sailor is the
best way. However, how can you level up the CV BO?

Sorry for loads of questions. I tried to solve them by myself but many new
information suddenly rush in from the research and makes myself a bit struggled.

Thanks ;)


  • Re : CV Crew after introduction of SS

    06. 12. 2011 15:57

Many setup you can choose from. But a "standard" balanced CV crew could be
something like:

6 FP/2(DB or TB) to 2 FP/6 (DB or TB) For US I would go for 6 FP/2DB.

It varies allot for different nations. Since you are doing US, you could do 2 gunners +
1 Sonarman OR 1 Repairer, 1 Engineer and 1 Restorer.

1st option is best against SS.
2nd option is to prevent getting 1 shotted by enemy DB.

Both choices are valid, depends on what you want to do.

There are also other choices you could choose from for a FP-whore CV.

  • Re : CV Crew after introduction of SS

    06. 12. 2011 15:43

For your set up, i would reccomend 6 fighters and 2 bombers of your choice
(everyone carries bulge these days because of subs, so with most ships DB is the
best way to kill it). This set up will give you the ability to defend your side or scout
the enemy (if you choose to do so) but if you have to run you still have a way to
attack. This is a pretty versatile setup, but you can mix it up if you like.

For gunners, youre going with US cvs so i would reccomend it. But buy them or level
them up later on, when you start out youll need every slot available to level pilots.
Same thing with seaman, he is useful for your fighters but you need to have every
slot filled in your lower level carriers with pilots. Yorktown will be the first to carry
gun slots, but even those should have pilots as well. Once you hit lexi youll have 8
supports, so you can start putting new elements into your crew (such as the
gunners on the lexis gunslots, or a seaman and support).

If you decide not to run gunners, youre going to have 2 open slots on that midway
and tico. You can use reps on those as reps will work on gun slots, and so do
restorers (dont use them. Theyre not as useful as reps are for a cv). Youll also have
9 supports, but only 8 pilots will work in them. So you have an extra. This would be
great for an engy since they have to be in a support slot to work.

Overall youll have 12 slots on your midway.
8 (or hopefully 8...) pilots
2 gun slots
an extra support

EDIT: Forgot to mention, seamen work on the gun slots as well.

Hope this helped, and good luck.

  • Re : CV Crew after introduction of SS

    06. 12. 2011 09:06

here's a guide for usn cv