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  • Battleship aiming lines

    06. 12. 2011 14:37

I'm not 100% this is the right forum section for this thread but I dunno where else to put
it, so Im sorry if its wrong.

I recently noticed that for some reason on my BB1s (the scharnhorst and the kongo) and the
dunkerque that I cant get markers for my guns on the aiming lines at maximum angle.
However, I only recently reached the kongo and had no issues like this in blitzkreigs (my
bo is now 61) and my scharnhorst marked just fine like a week ago, I used it suprisingly
successfully in a gb2 after having noy playing it for months. I noticed the same on my
dunkerque, I can barely get markings at 25 degrees.

All these ships definately have their best FCS and both the BB1 BOs are 62 Km and 61 IJN
with 100vets and full experts. the dunks BO is a 61 UK BO with full experts and 20 vets.

What the hell is wrong? No max angle markers work at all on any of these ships.