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  • A few rules on posting in Tech Support.

    10. 28. 2005 11:44

A few rules on posting in Tech Support.

This forum is for technical support AND the answering of Questions related to the
This is a Service forum, so the rules will be enforced here much more vigilantly.

Here are some rules so we can keep this forum clean, and helpful.

1. Use the Search function, be as broad as possible in your search. It may seem you
are the only one with this problem.
Most likely the question has been answered several times already.

2. When posting a New Topic (after searching!) be as descriptive in your Subject line
as you can, use words in the error
message, or defining features of the bug.

3. There is NO FLAMING OF ANY SORT in this forum area. I understand having
problems with loading NF is stressful, and can be
upsetting!! Please remember that people here are only trying to help.

4. If you swear, are rude, are suspected of posting for points, or are being unhelpful

5. Remember to be as descriptive of your problem as possible. Give as much
information about your computer as possible,
Processor, memory, internet connection(wireless?), firewall?, video driver version,
etc. This will only serve to help the Mod
team assess and attemt to trouble shoot your problem with you.

6. Please if you crash, check your navy field folder for files ending with .RPT and e-
mail them with a small crash report to
[email protected]. This is the best way for the dev team to figure out what is
going on to cause you to crash.

Team N.F.