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  • Ultimate CV Wish List

    04. 04. 2006 16:29

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******Updated 05/31/2007 10:58 AM PST*******

Here is a list I have put together from the suggestion forum in regards to CVs.
Hopefully I have given credit to some of the people that have posted recently. If
you have any other suggestions, please reply and I will add them in. And please, if
you like the ideas, recommend the post. The more recommendations, the more
chance TNF will actually look at them!

---------------------------- 1 ----------------------------

Thanks to wodur:
Activate Ground Crew: Gunboats have their gunners stats work towards accurracy
and RELOAD! Why not have the same thing for CVs. If you have ever played a CV,
you know how excrutiatingly long it can be waiting for planes to fuel up. We need
reload gunners for planes and they call them GROUND CREW!!!! Make them active!!!

EDIT:----------------------- 2 ----------------------------

Thanks to cydus, LCCX:
Make a better plane interface. In cydus' example, the dial on the top would be
colored red, based on which pilot group you have selected. In the this example,
pilot group 1 is selected. It shows the fuel, distance left until point of no return,
ammo left and the current altitude of the plane as a percentage of the total
available altitude possible. As you can see, the plane group is cruising at 70% of
maximum altitude.

The Last and one of the most important is the status indicator of the Pilot group.
This will change according to what the pilot group is assigned. The currently
selected group is "idle" which means they have reached their destination and are
flying in a circle waiting for other orders. Other status could be: Ready to Fuel,
Ready to Takeoff, Enroute to XX,YY (map coordinates), Enroute to Bomb Target,
Returning to CV, etc.

Also, instead of a red mark on the dial for your currently selected pilot group, there
could be a yellow bar ABOVE the active pilot's dial. The dial should then BLINK red
when it is under attack. That way, when there are multiple flights out, you will be
able to determine with a glance, which one is yelling "Mayday!"...

---------------------------- 3 ----------------------------

Thanks to Me:
Add more detail to what is displayed to your team. As it stands now, all your team
sees is the flight number. Add, after the number, the CV users name. That way
others can see who is doing what with their planes and help them if needed.

---------------------------- 4 ----------------------------

Thanks to MorbidX:
Add a color coding for the planes in the air depending on their fuel status. Colors
could be assigned the following:

Green: Full - 2/3
Orange: 2/3 - Minimum to Return to CV
Red: Minimum to Return to CV - Empty

---------------------------- 5 ----------------------------

Thanks to Jamus:
Add some kind of guard command for fighters. This would allow you to select a
group of fighters and then right click on a friendly ship. Just like the planes circle
around the CV when launched, the fighters would then circle around the target ship.

---------------------------- 6 ----------------------------

Thanks to Me:
Add enemy plane locations. Just as friendly ships have a green arrow and enemy
ships have a red arrow at the side of the screen in the appropriate direction. Make
the red arrows for enemy planes that are scouted in the appropriate direction.

---------------------------- 7 ----------------------------

Thanks to maitreakow:
Fix the Fighter vs Fighter circle of non-death. When fighters meet each other, if they
aren't killed in the first 2 seconds of engaging, they get locked into flying around
each other in circles, ignoring all others and sometimes even running out of fuel. A
bump to the current fighter speed will also do a lot of good. Fighters are fast and
manuerable, 2 things bombers were not. As it is now, some bomber groups can
actually out run fighters.

---------------------------- 8 ----------------------------

Thanks to Me and Others:
Fix the plane sound in areas that are not visably scouted. Most CVs, including
myself use this to locate the enemy CV when it is not scouted. It is just wrong.

---------------------------- 9 ----------------------------

Thanks to maitreakow:
Increase the XP given when killing CVs. CVs are supposed to be the dominant ship,
yet XP-wise they take a back seat to BBs. This entices a lot of CVs to bomb BBs
first. This is counter to what happened in reality and ticks off the BBs. In order to
be more realistic and stop the BB whining, please fix this ASAP!

---------------------------- 10 ----------------------------

Thanks to Me and Others:
Either decrease the power of AA or allow planes to fly higher, out of AA range as
planes could do in reality. Especially bombers, get shot from every ship with AA to
and from target ships. They should only be suseptable to AA fire when they are
come in at lower altitudes for bombing runs.

EDIT:--------------------- 11 ----------------------------

Thanks to Nemesis1024 and Catski:
Even before it was suggested, I have long known that the Germans get the short
end of the stick when it comes to their first CV. They have to get to level 55 which is
at least 5 levels more than any one nation. It costs 2,744,000 credits, which is the
most of any CV1 by atleast 1,200,000. And its still about 300,000 credits more than
most other nations CV2's. It has 1900 aircraft space, which is only 100 more than
the CV1 Bouge/Attacker. Please help out the Germans by increasing the planes
space to atleast 2750 plane space. This puts it at an advantage over the CV1s and
a small disadvantage under the CV2s.

EDIT:--------------------- 12 ----------------------------

Thanks to therattler:
We need to have some kind of formations for our bombers, especially the torpedo
bombers. They tend to get all grouped up and are less effective/easier than they
should be to dodge. Please implement some kind of spread out formation.

EDIT:--------------------- 13 ----------------------------

Thanks to the MorbidX:
Please see the German CV Variant below, very interesting, but too long to
duplicate. He explained it pretty well.

EDIT:--------------------- 14 ----------------------------

Thanks to TBF1shot:
The deck of CVs are pretty bare. We need some planes displayed on top. And not
just any planes, but the planes that you are currently fueling. If you are fueling 3
fighters and 4 bombers, that is what would be displayed on your deck. When the
group of 3 fighters takes off, they would no longer be displayed on the deck.

EDIT:--------------------- 15 ----------------------------

Thanks to D0ct3r:
CVs need the ability to switch, during a game, between AP and GP bombs. I know
that almost every CV, at one point have had the problem with starting a game and
the majority of the ships having armor setups that are opposite of their bomb load
out. All it requires is an ammo selector by pressing "Y", just like gun ammo has.
That way when you want to bomb a ship and see that they are seriously armored
and your GP bomb are not very effective, you can switch to AP bombs for higher
effectiveness and vice versa.

EDIT:--------------------- 16 ----------------------------

Thanks to superjugy:
We need a way for fighters to intercept enemy planes. Often times CVs will have
their fighters out and CV player sees an enemy group of planes. Instead of trying to
make you're fighters get there manually, we need an option for interception.
Perhaps selecting your fighters and right clicking on the enemy group of planes
makes your fighters fly in an intercept course, somewhat like torpedo bombers do
with ships on auto bombing.

EDIT:--------------------- 17 ----------------------------

Thanks to vdub1:
Add an option for fighters to have drop tanks. This would allow them better escort
duties for bombers. Obviously this would come at a cost to the fighters. They
should take a penalty to their speed and attack. Once the fighters use the drop
tanks fuel, they would lose the drop tanks and regain their speed and attack

EDIT:--------------------- 18 ----------------------------

Thanks to pager:
As it stands now, when a plane crashes into a ship, for whatever reason, the most I
have seen the damage at is 231 points. That is not even a scratch. During World
War II, the Japanese turned planes into human guided bombs that seriously crippled
ships they crashed into, including and especially the larger CVs and BBs. The
damage done by planes crashing into ships needs to be seriously increased. Bump
it up to atleast a couple thousand damage points. Note CV captains, this is also a
double edged sword. Consider how many times you hear that you are being
damaged only to see that your planes are running out of fuel just before they land
and crash right onto your deck. Oh well, I still think it is a good idea, easy to
implement and adds more badly needed realism to the game.

EDIT:--------------------- 19 ----------------------------

Thanks to stonedman:
There should be a "waypoint" ability for all flight groups. This could be used for
fighters in a "patrol" setting. Rather than right-clicking a single spot for fighters to
circle at, Hold down Ctrl+right-click on X position, then right-click on Y position. Your
fighters will move to the X, then proceede to go back and forth between X and
Y untill they get low on fuel and need to go home.

This could also be used for bombers to move them to their target but not in the
normal straight line to the target. The "waypoint" system could be used to move
around the main battle formation to get to the enemy CVs, etc. Hopefully avoiding
all the AA.

EDIT:--------------------- 20 ----------------------------

Thanks to Couga_G
With ships, you can almost always get a new ship within 5-10 levels from your
Bridge Officer. This makes for some good variance in the game and allows you to
avoid getting burned out on the smae ship for months at a time (there are a few
exceptions to this). The same should apply to aircraft. Add more planes for all
countries to break up the leveling. Most nation have some serious gaps between
planes and this needs to be fixed.

A few examples are the IJN torpedo bombers. IJN gets a very weak torpedo bomber
at level 33, then a moderately weak tier 2 torpedo bomber at level 40. After that,
IJN has to wait 37 more levels to get the tier 3 torpedo bomber.

IJN - Level 33 TB - Tier 0.5
IJN - Level 40 TB - Tier 1
IJN - Level 55 TB - Tier 2 *** New TB
IJN - Level 70 TB - Tier 3
IJN - Level 80 TB - Tier 4 *** New TB

IJN - Level 45 DB - Tier 1
IJN - Level 60 DB - Tier 2
IJN - Level 75 DB - Tier 3 *** New DB

IJN - Level 40 Fighter - Tier 1
IJN - Level 55 Fighter - Tier 2
IJN - Level 70 Fighter - Tier 3
IJN - Level 80 Fighter - Tier 4 *** New Fighter
US - Level 45 TB - Tier 1
US - Level 60 TB - Tier 2 *** New TB
US - Level 77 TB - Tier 3

US - Level 50 DB - Tier 1
US - Level 65 DB - Tier 2 *** New DB
US - Level 75 DB - Tier 3

US - Level 40 Fighter - Tier 1
US - Level 55 Fighter - Tier 2
US - Level 70 Fighter - Tier 3
US - Level 80 Fighter - Tier 4 *** New Fighter
UK - Level 42 TB - Tier 1
UK - Level 59 TB - Tier 2 *** New TB
UK - Level 77 TB - Tier 3

UK - Level 51 DB - Tier 1
UK - Level 65 DB - Tier 2 *** New DB
UK - Level 75 DB - Tier 3

UK - Level 40 Fighter - Tier 1
UK - Level 55 Fighter - Tier 2
UK - Level 70 Fighter - Tier 3
UK - Level 80 Fighter - Tier 4 *** New Fighter
KM - Level 45 TB - Tier 1
KM - Level 63 TB - Tier 2 *** New TB
KM - Level 77 TB - Tier 3

KM - Level 45 DB - Tier 1
KM - Level 60 DB - Tier 2 *** New DB
KM - Level 75 DB - Tier 3

KM - Level 40 Fighter - Tier 1
KM - Level 57 Fighter - Tier 2
KM - Level 73 Fighter - Tier 3
KM - Level 82 Fighter - Tier 4 *** New Fighter

Where necessary, an upgrade or downgrade should be added to fit the new
planes. Of course the stats of these "shifted" planes would be adjusted accordingly
to reflect the new level.

EDIT:--------------------- 21 ----------------------------

Thanks to Kilpatrick, me and countless others:
MANUAL DIVE BOMBING NEEDS AN OVERHAUL!!! In the last 250 games I have
played that I have been watching closely on how the CVs attack, not one of them
have ever used manual dive bombing. Manual torpedo bombing works just fine and
in the hands of skilled CV captains, is deadly. However, even the most skilled CV
captains, avoids manual dive bombing like the plague. The controls are terrible, the
aiming is it just a poor system. Please overhual this to be more
useful. I currently do not have a "good" idea on how this would be accomplished.
Please post any ideas about this one, so we can post something good here.

As I said before, if you have any other good suggestions related to CVs, please
reply and I will add them. And be sure to recommend if you like the ideas!

Any more spamming of this thread, it will be locked

  • Re : Ultimate CV Wish List

    05. 31. 2011 08:46

Unsure if this has been mentioned before, but small bombs for scouts would be a very
nice addition to this game. They would only work on level 60+ scouts, that way Blitz
doesn't become a massive scout war. The bombs would cause say 200 damage to an
unarmored ship.

  • Re : Ultimate CV Wish List

    04. 08. 2011 14:26

When your fighters are locked in combat I think there should be a key on the bottom
of your screen and your fighters would then make a formation like spliting up then
coming back around to get the enemy. Good post.

  • Re : Ultimate CV Wish List

    04. 04. 2011 19:56

When the fighters returning to CV, they should not chase any enemy planes they
saw, if they do they will fall into water because no fuel

  • Re : Ultimate CV Wish List

    04. 02. 2011 18:12

Can we have new bomber tiers please?
Give everyone up to t3 bombers around lvl 80 [TB and DB], then give
T4s accordingly on lvl 100;
Worst T4 TB and a decent T4 DB [They have best t4 FP]
IJN No T4 TB and a good T4 DB [They have best carrier in general]
UK Best T4 TB/NO T4 DB [They are supposed to have decent t4 Fp /best TB]
MN Good T4 TB / Good T4 DB [bad FP good bombers]
SN No T4 TB Best T4 DB [See Above, except bad TB/decent t4 FP]
Planes have been suggested before.

  • Re : Ultimate CV Wish List

    02. 26. 2011 23:50

often suggested but i want to stress it again especially since aa has been buffed and
adding t4 fighters and t5 scouts: please add t3 bomber

  • Re : Ultimate CV Wish List

    02. 22. 2011 22:42


  • Re : Ultimate CV Wish List

    02. 18. 2011 19:47

Biggest thing is smaller ship gaps and we need many many more planes X D

  • Re : Ultimate CV Wish List

    01. 14. 2011 02:30

Good work

  • Re : Ultimate CV Wish List

    01. 12. 2011 07:52

Since they patch for plane with half fuel automatich back to ship. Its stupid idea for tb
or db ever..

simple sample, i DB or TB, and when im almost there... "Not enough fuel im comming

There goes your formation, and your time.

I completely agree, this needs to be either disabled for bombers in the settings menu,
force the entire squadron to turn around at the same time, OR make the voice que 1 to 2
seconds earlier then the actual turning back to ship so we can spem the move button

I along with most others would prefer an option in the setting menu

  • Re : Ultimate CV Wish List

    01. 12. 2011 01:16

Since they patch for plane with half fuel automatich back to ship. Its stupid idea for tb
or db ever..

simple sample, i DB or TB, and when im almost there... "Not enough fuel im comming home"

There goes your formation, and your time.

Is possible choose turn stay and crash or stay and come back by half full fuel button.
with H button tell to pilot stay fly and go die or Fly and come low fuel back.

this sound bit as kamazike wave.

For fp wont no problem with this..
but TB and DB need stay on formation fuel empty or not!.
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