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  • As if we needed more...

    10. 20. 2005 13:29

As if we needed more Forum Whores. Now people that start useless threads, moronic replies, and the ever so popular Whiners/Flamers will get opportunities to win credits or the ship of their dreams? Unless, of course, the forums are going to be consistantly monitored. But where will the line be drawn? What may in one's opinion be a whine might be to two others a legitimate complaint.

I refuse to mention names, but anyone that regularly perused the old forum could see the same names, over and over and over again.

Right now I can practically hear someone saying, "Heck, he's whining right now!", delete the thread!

To be quite honest, if I do not recieve points for this thread I will not be heartbroken for it does contain a dismal view on the ways and subjects of most posts.


  • Re : As if we needed more...

    10. 20. 2005 13:44

If you really think about it, there were probably just as many topic threads being replied to etc even before this whole leveling system came up

But since it has, people finally decided to say something about because now they have something to back themselves with ... sad really

In the end, someones going to find something wrong in all these threads. I mean, techically I can call you a forum whore for posting up this thread just to earn 10 exp points.


Because we all knew this in the start, and your just stating the obvious

See what I mean? - there will always be something to complain about, but we will all get used to it soon. People will soon get bored of attempting to reach level 11 and result to playing the game instead


  • Re : As if we needed more...

    10. 20. 2005 13:38

How are you gonna earn credits by forum whoring when the chances of winning that lottery are about as good as winning the real lottery. If you win the lottery as it is you should get a level 100 crew and 100 million credits.

  • Re : As if we needed more...

    10. 20. 2005 13:32

check out the suggestion forum... yeah, already been noted, but this new system will only cause the annoying whores to become even more annoying...