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  • Patch problems??? - possible bypass fix

    04. 13. 2006 02:29

OK 1st time i start the game i get version configuration error. Solution: Uninstall all
components, reinstall from saved file on desktop, turn off firewalls & game works
fine. That is UNTIL i exit the game & try to enter again at which point it runs the
enfus 1000-1002 patch file which leads me to the new fancy updater screen
& "critical error version configuration file not found"

This is total BS!!!! EVER NEW PATCH BRINGS NEW PROBLEMS. Any help would be
appreciated as i dont plan to reinstall the game every single time i want to log in.

Player edit: my 4th post in this thread lists a solution that worked for me & could for
others in similar circumstances. It "should" work for any1 whos game worked pre

  • Re : Patch problems??? - possible bypass fix

    05. 02. 2011 02:12

hey sparky can u upload the old ENFUNS updater plz? thnx a lot coz i have ze exactly same
and it's annoying me

  • Re : Patch problems??? - possible bypass fix

    04. 30. 2011 09:59

My problem is that I have already update my NF nd also the ENFUNSUpdater but still i can't
patch can someone help me???

  • Re : Patch downloads twice???

    04. 13. 2006 05:41

Sparky1978 I'm glad to say I did not have the problem you had. I loaded up this
morning and it ran just fine. Why you had the problem and I didn't is beyond me. But
I'am glad you got yours fixed.

  • Re : Patch downloads twice???

    04. 13. 2006 05:27

LMAO i found a working solution for my problem :D

Ok after my fresh install i made a backup of enfuns updater folder then i ran the
updater which downloaded fine got into the game & exited. Now trying to get in for
the 2nd time again resulted in the expected error after downloading the 2nd patch &
starting the new enfuns interface. So i then simply replaced the enfuns updater
folder with the original copy & started the game. Result was no more downloads &
im getting into the game under the OLD enfuns system not the new 1.

Hmm im so happy to be doing TNF's job for them. Oh well atleast it works :D This
however clearly shows i think that its an enfuns issue & NOT client side. If any1 else
has had the same issue i hope this works for u too.

To summarise:
1. Uninstall/install NF1.117
2. make a copy of enfuns folder
3. run the game ( make sure firewalls/antivirus is off )
4. if run into problems with new interface after files download simply close & replace
current enfuns folder with the original that u backed up.
5. game should now start under the old enfuns updater without any downloads.

  • Re : Patch downloads twice???

    04. 13. 2006 04:36

Just great.... This is a joke. I manually patch 1.118 after which updater still
downloads some 1000-1002 update which just leads to critical error...... Ive
uninstaled both enfuns/NF many times now & tried both automatic/manual patching
with same result. If i do automatically the 1st time after fresh install everything is
fine & i can play. If i exit & try to enter game again same thing happens as after
manual patch - 1000-1002 download followed by critical error version configuration
file not found...

WHY does it still download some bugged BS after my manual patch & also if i enter
the game for a 2nd time after an auto patch following a fresh install? Shouldnt
manual patch be the FINAL working patch?

  • Re : Patch downloads twice???

    04. 13. 2006 02:55

just to help you along a tad, i have just spoken to TeamNF and they will be putting
the patches online for you to download manually...

  • Re : Patch downloads twice???

    04. 13. 2006 02:42

Yes ive read it & its utterly useless- has no solutions listed whatsoever. Ive been
playing this game atleast 3-4 days a week every week for god knows how long now.
THIS PATCH caused my issue. I was just fine before patch & when i reinstall im fine
until it runs updater 2nd time round to go through the new updater.

Infact if it DIDNT try to download the patch 2nd time round id still be able to play just
as i can after a fresh install.

Its rather simple: Install - run - play - exit - run - error

  • Re : Patch downloads twice???

    04. 13. 2006 02:38

have you read the sticky in the general forum regarding the critical error message..