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  • IJN Early Ship Guide

    11. 02. 2005 03:49

I'm reposting this was the most viewed guide in the IJN forums in previous
forum so ,althogh is very old, it might still help new players.Was done by the highest
IJN players at server and with cooperation of other players.
I will elaborate on the first group of ships for the IJN briefly in this guide.
Its pretty old so it doesnt includes much info in tsukikei,since it came many months
after the guide.However there is an tsukekei update later on.

*All early IJN ships have paper armor


Level 12: Kagero.

Kagero is pretty good, cheap to repair, rather fine turning speed and quick. Carries
dual torp launchers and enough torps for 3 attacks. Early guns will be weak but they
get decent soon, providing acceptable fiepower from its 3 firing ports.Still, with only
65 gun space can only hold a few rounds.Nonetheless is a fine ship to begin with.

Level 16: Akitsuki.

Akitsuki is a bit slower usually, but has better firing capabilities and more DP than
the fragile Kagero.It also wields some more base armor and has more displacement
to occupy.Its an average ship as it is, and includes a single torp launcher.

Level 22: Akitsuki Kai.

It is a formidable ship, but requires some good driving skills. At the expense of
some armor and DP it has improved turning power, and becomes usually faster.
Same firepower, and optimized can be pretty fast as well, a couple of knots under

Level19: Fubuki.

It's a basic torp ship, and quite effective. has a sleek small design and it can be very
quick. However has decent firepower being equipped by the well known 5.5 light
guns from its 3 R mounts and 3 torp launchers. Here little DP and armor set back this
fine ship.The turning power is also remarkable.

Level 32 Shimakaze:

An advanced torp ship. Equipped similarly than a fubuki, but with extra gun space
extra shells. As fast as a fubuki, but repairs scale up 100 credits. However, you do
gain a lot of DP and slight armor, and still use 3 torp launchers. The only drawback
besides the repair costs is the weaker turning speed.
However it is still good and the ship is quite poweful.


Level 28: AGANO

Agano is a cheap CL, and some consider it plain bad. Truth is that is not easy to use
and requires a lot of practice,but it can be quite good. It boasts 3 gun ports and 2
torp launchers with up to 3 loads. The armor isnt very good, so that turns into a
faster CL than average.
Basically the Agano can be used as long range support and use eventually torp
spreads or torp strikes on enemies. Some good aiming is required to use this ship
effectively. Triple Guns help but is much better the learn to use the 7.9 as soon as
possible,which in the end will work better for this ship. Another support task given
the Agano is the recon plane it an carry. If an Agano fullfills its 3 support tasks
properly, it is more than worth its cost.

Level 38: Kuma

Kuma is a basic torp ship. It has 2 torp launchers per side*, and seven baby gun
ports. Only single guns can be fit there, but the torping capabilities make for this
lack. As in practice, ship can keep an average speed, a tad slower than a DD if fully
equiped. is noticeable that is good to create torp attacks but weak on direct is also a bit slow to maneuver.*Kuma kai and Kitakami not in my
possesion, so I can not review those ships. As in practice, they seem faster,get less
guns but more torp space and in kitakami, basically even more torp launchers.

Level 39: CL Mogami 1938

It is important to properly customize this ship but is extremely powerful nonetheless.
It has sizeable 55 t mounts but lack of storing space, so torpedos can not reload
after the initial launch. Torpedos from one side can be slipped into the other side for
a later launch. For example, you could launch a torpedo from west side, then turn
and launch torpedos from the east TORPEDO launcher. However, if enough time
given, you can use the West side torpedo launcher using up the torpedos from the
east side. This space is meant for AA guns.I strongly SUGGEST against torp
installation as it only slows down the ship making it a easy prey of en enemy cruiser,
and those 2 torpedomen will be utterly useless later on, meaning you are wasting
entirely 2 training slots that will be very important later on(either for pilots, special
forces or AA gunning).
Anyway, the power of a mogami is based on its powerful and long ranged guns,
since it has 5 125 firing ports. This ship can pound enemies from huge distances and
never let them close, making it deadly. Good turning speed guarantees some anti
torp insurance, and its supported by heavy bulge armor typical to japanese ships.
As a compliment to its great firepower, it boasts a catapult for scout planes, which
can aid it to spot enemies at long ranges, and even let it aim at them,since the
Mogami range usually is beyond your sight range.
The only mogami drawback is its huge size than makes it an easy target, but most
high end Cls have this drawback.
Additionaly , CL mogami is quite fast because it can use a particularly powerful CA
engine 2 with over 165,000 HP. Install it over the much lesser Light Cruiser engine.

More ships as i get access to them.

Now lets further check.
Kagero with such guns is interesting but I would still stick with the most common
and quicker 5.5 which work better. Have better range, but well, only 3 shells vs 6
shells,more than twice the reload , the range for such a gun isnt really good and it
will only serve against brits. Sadly, brits will outdamage you so it wont help you
much either.As a matter of fact 5.5 with AP shells(b ammo) can help you better in
such particular cases.
You would as well use different mods of torps against those cases.

*Important about agano:Agano unlike other CLs can hold torp reloads. Furthermore,
it can hold the modified special Jap torps,unlike the german Koenisberg which can
only use the wimpy german torps. remember this extra feature.
Agano can carry long range guns, USE them, what use is to use triples of 6, if you
will still have less guns, less shells and SAME range than an atlanta or dido?Use 7.9
and outrange them!thats why you get a plane and they dont(besides useful
scouting).Yes,7,9 or 8 means less shells, but what use is for them to have more
guns if they cant hit you back?Perhaps 6.1 are better vs DDs, but Agano is NOT dd
killer so why consider being one?FInally 6.1 are useless vs popular q classes, so
thats another reason to consider the more powerful 7.9.

About the mogami it can hold 7.9 as well as 8 inchers, but the 8 inchers can hold
less shells ,the damage will increase and seems like the range improves a bit, at a
cost of weight.However both choices are good in such a fine vessel.

The MYOKO CA is a wonderful ship.Although the armament wont change much
compared to a Mogami it can hold more comfortably the 8 inchers and also the
improved 8 inches guns that come later,with plenty of also has decent
displacement to hold effective armor and bulge. it has a somewhat small plane
space but enough for a couple of small planes or a strong scout.
Myoko has a fine turning speed, not excellent but good enough, good overheat and
a base low speed 26/27 but normal for armored CA.It can also hold some AA
batteries effectively.torps are an option but no reloads make little useful.
Myoko should use CV heavy engine for a boosted overheat.While CA1 heavy engine
(Myoko can not use Ca2 heavy) gives up to 40 overheat, CV brings up to 46.
Mogami can use CA2 which gives the same perfomance(26-46) but i havent tested if
its more reliable and safe.

Also, Mogami CA has more turning speed(+1) and structural strenght, plus more gun
space for shells.

*this is added by laoji, arguably the strongest player in the server*
in true, play agano,myoko and mogami like akitsuki-kai,you need long shoot,heavy
DMG,and run out their range, jp's weak in close combat, do't let trops near you,run
for good shoot point,use you full firepower strike big target(cl,ca,etc), just remembr,
YOU ARE BORN FOR SINK CL AND CA! do't waste your shells shoot DD and FF,they
are not your target.

Armor in the IJN isnt that effective, but is affordable and if stacked might give the
same result as any other, at the same expense. The problem on this is the
displacement, because Japan ships are kinda short of it, and their guns and
equipment isnt all that good, not to mention sailors. As a result you can not cramp
much armor on any japanese DD unless you retire guns and such, and reduce speed
drastically. Since few pieces of armor are useless as well, is advised to leave armor
alltogether, and keep some bulge since its has low weight and it is very effective for
Japan.Take it as a bonus ,because after all the money you cant spend in armor is
money for the next ship.
In Cls you can squeeze some more armor in the Agano, if you pick light weaponry
and not many sailors. It might moderately work ,given that the Agano doesnt need
so much speed. But Agano might as well carry none armor, but some esential Bulge
and a pieces of bulk.
but for the Kumas more armor means weight and for this ship speed is esential. So
you also have to be scarce on this department.
The Mogami is more generous on displacement and if you wish, you can place some
real armor on it, and sacrifice a couple of knots. Since Mogami doesnt rely heavily on
speed, it is a viable choice. But you might be a bit short on crew this way.
Basically the only Cl2 that could get both full crews, guns and heavy equipment plus
thick armor would be the british edimburg.
The CA's allows you to put even heavier armor but always restricted by same
limitations.However the fine 8incher F guns that this ship carry are quite heavy
(previously you used 7.90, then the 8 incher L/D but the F are a different story.
The Mogami CA is basically the same but allows even a bit more of displacement to

why Myoko uses 8E and not F?because of the space. F guns are a bit more powerful
overall but take more space, so if you use normal F you can only carry 2 shells. The F
D mod can let you carry more shells but power isnt better than a standard E so you
better stick with it.
guns, as well as most Cl2,BB큦 etc. None of those ships tend to carry reloads for
torpedoes(yeah you will wonder what to do with those torp whore men now).

SHIP tips
I will explain now a few detailed tweaks and tips to further enhance your
effectiveness with small ship.

Akitsuki Kai /FAST MODE: this ship can cruise optimally to 41/56 by having reduced
crew and no armor,using the 5.5 D and keep up with torp whores, dodge shells,
maneuver,hit and run,kill small Cls, be the devil. The range will be satisfactory and
the reload is quite short. You gotta love this setup, but requires skills and reflexes
(no torp launcher).An extra tip:equip some Ap shells.
Akitsuki Kai/ RANGE MODE: now, by losing about 2 knots, you can equip the 6D(more
knots lost by using normal/L). Try some light shells. The range is Noticeable
better,competing with small cruisers and overwhelming enemy DDs. damage
increases by a small percent, and fire rate reduces. you can have some Heavy for
close encounters. Remember anyway that japanese avoid close combat(low
DP/armor).The optimal angle for max distance using 6 inchers is about 42. However,
55 allows for high angle shots, deck shots. Deck shots are you allies against Q

Standard mode: torps can be helpful but a decent launcher instantly means to lose 1
knot.A good launcher can even make you lose 2 knots!. Most players forego this
option, speed is too important for japan.I hate when i see an akitsuki player placing
next to a q class(paralel), firing heavy shells doing 0/40 dmg while the q class does
800 dmg. is suicide and they dont even change position(later they blame the ship
and not themselves, and get a brit crew and buy q class...sigh). 1rst of all, use AP,
second, dont get in the easy angle for a q class. After all they got less guns!. Try to
go to safe range(far) and use heavy for deck shots(predict the route they will take
when they try to dodge so you always hit them/kill).
If you want to have AA capabilities you will have to rely in 5 inchers.But those guns
arent very good, reload is same than 5.5D,range is quite poorer.You will gain some
speed and they are fine AA anyway. For even more speed you could try 3.9
duals.However they are extremely poor against ships.
Jap Gun Cls can also be AA ships by employing triple 6.1 guns. personally I dont like
them because they go against the Jap bonuses(weight/speed/range), and as I said,
the shell concentration is poor, dmg is way lesser than the other options
(7.9E,F,8E,F). But are quite good against planes because of the spread and decent

Shimakazes/Fubukis. yes, the torp whore ships can carry and be pretty good with
guns. I advise the 5.5 D, since using the 6 will cost you another knot and some
space for your beloved torps.
There are MANY moments where you are reloading torps and you have enemies to
fire at while moving. if you got the skills you could easily deal about 3-5k of damage
with such guns while reloading and escaping.Or finnish some enemy ship with 100dp
left instead of waiting for the torps to reload or waste torps on it.
Specially the shimakaze can be pretty good using guns, almost like an akitsuki, while
having more dp,armor and a lot of torpedoes. Like having both ships in one by
sacrificing a few torps. There is an added bonus few players use but I could take a
lot of benefit from it.When you succesfully hit an enemy ship with shells appears like
if you stun it for a fraction of second. i used to do that before/after the launch of
torps and it seemed to make the enemy ship easier to hit. Also helps if you cause
the engine to stop for a second. I did it many many times. requires quite fine quick
aim but I can ensure makes you excellent. Such guns also OUTGUN many other
country DDs IN A TORP SHIP. The dual 5.5 are such fine guns that properly controled
are superior to some of the brits,germ and US setups. having both weapons makes
you more deadly while approaching, firing the guns while aiming the torps.Also,
many oponents stop firing when they dodge torps(avoid that yourself if you can),
that means free shots for you for some good seconds!!.Finally, is good to learn to
use guns because in the end torps will dissapear from your weaponry if you want to
use the big boys(or you stay in a DD,kitakami while everybody has bb, cv...).
Torp ships can actually make money but if you are very skilled gun ships can always
make more. The xp is much easier to achieve with torps but guns of japan can
provide nice xp as well.
The CV Oyodo can carry 2 pair of guns. You have 2 choices. You can leave em empty
for extra displacement for armor, speed or torps. Or place triple 6.1D(i suggest D
because are light and you really dont want the range of the other versions). Both
are good choices. You use triple 6.1 in this case because this are self defence
emergency guns(vs close in DD큦)and not to fight CLs(so we shouldnt use 7.9 here).
In short range this guns are good and will help you a lot.It can also carry 4 torp
launchers(2 per side) with plenty of space, excellent to carry nice torp launchers with
plenty of torps, very good to kill enemy DDs or scare them away at least. The
displacement is ok to armor much better than an Agano and be properly armed. As a
bonus you also have better turning speed than before.
The space for planes is reduced(8-10 depending on your setup) and you can only
have up to 4 at flight.
Bombers are powerful and overall deadlier than torpers but
require lv45. Is worth a wait though.
There are a couple of ships im missing in full depth.But for this case i will leave other
experienced players to cover me.
EARLY SHIP GUIDE covers up to this point. From BB/CV , the guide to cover that will

*Regarding scouts!*
Scouts are vital and part of most strategies in the battlefield.Mastering its usage,
defensive and offensively,will many times determine the victory.Many new players
are not equipping scouts, in detriment of themselves and their teams.This is a
strange new trend not seen before and appears to be result of too fast leveling
without time to think and consider what they are moving into, also might be capped
rooms that are now ever present, not allowing new players to see how veterans
play,thus making low lv games seeming extremely dull and silly in tactics.For IJN
scouts are top priority,because we depend on all the intel we can gather,as we
need to be extremely aware of our environments.
Also using scouts is not simply"ready and send the plane where i think it should
go",there is a lot of strategies and things to bear in mind every single time you
launch a plane.However many players never go beyond the simple mindset:ready
and send.Although i would agree all the highest 5 vets are anything but dumb in
scout usage.
To use effectively scouts should be part of a general guide for all countries, and i
wont go into that here.I will be more specific into IJN Scouts.
The ability of our scouts is similar to the other countries counterparts, yet,there are
a couple of interesting factors.
We start up with a pretty effective lv25 (E8N)recon plane, for the level we have it, its
quite useful and will fill its task just nicely,its newbie friendly with comfortable flight
time,refuel and speed.Its also cheap.
Then there is a very "interesting", the Rufe, which is well known for its decent AA
capability.However...In truth is a very bad scout, for it has awful flight times, horrible
sight range and if you are using it is because you think you can use it to kill enemy
planes...which is true.Its a horribly mediocre fighter and if you chase scouts
then...well them you arent scouting the enemy ship that is blowing your ship up.Not
smart.Also it will die in few seconds to any real fighter.
The C3N Type 97 is far better choice most of times, with superior sight
range ,although a bit slower.It will be able to spot ships farther and manage enemy
AA quite better as a result. A good choice with ok durability.
The E13A Zero is basically overall better than previous, although sacrifices some
sight range ,but it has good speed, reload, and armor, a bit of everything is ok here
so its not bad at all.
And to finnish we have the Saiun, hands down the best Scout plane we have.Is not
as speedy as the Zero but has the best IJN sight range(1500) and excellent fuel

**Edited by Archer; Updated ship levels, images
***Edited by intro94;Updated Scout info

  • Re : IJN Early Ship Guide

    03. 17. 2011 05:37

if ur from uk ijn is pretty bad paper ships.but if u r from km u would feel at home.

  • Re : IJN Early Ship Guide

    03. 17. 2011 01:10

Thank you for the guide! I think I might try IJN, although I am a bit worried about the
low armor and bad support crews...

  • Re : IJN Early Ship Guide

    12. 11. 2010 18:15


  • Re : IJN Early Ship Guide

    12. 06. 2010 11:33

TY helped =)

  • Re : IJN Early Ship Guide

    08. 24. 2010 15:38

Nice post. helped me a good bit

  • Re : IJN Early Ship Guide

    08. 24. 2010 15:31

Cool. Thanks.

  • Re : IJN Early Ship Guide

    08. 02. 2010 18:00

well now there are some different variables for setups, because:

now there are different games.However the setups shown here are widely still effective in
blitzkrieg rooms.In GB there are a few extra setups for amusement that could also work.
Plenty of users here can certainly improve their odds by relying on the speed , good guns
setup, revolving around the ubiquitous 5.5 that are so good for low level IJN dds.
The ship trees are the same.Torp lines wont be able to turn into BBs, Unless they purchase
ship tree change. Regardless, torpedomen dont have any role in a BB or propper CA.
some (but not many) ships underwent modifications.Some not as interesting ships have been
boosted to be more efficient.To be more specific, the Tatsuda.
And extra weaponry:Mines, and antisub weaponry. Mines, for Cls ,might be of some strategic
Mogamis, that normally dont need to stock T slots with any gun, now can place Anti Sub
launchers for GB games.

The presence of subs make (in GB) games, the sonarman a very good choice of a sailor for
some CLs and DDs.

And sure, laoji retired years ago, and its kinda blurry with so many people to find the
"unsinkable"player as it used to be.
Not that much has changed in the DD scenery to be honest, and this is the point of this

  • Re : IJN Early Ship Guide

    07. 15. 2010 16:00


It's 103, same as the other BB5s. For future reference for ship stats, I strongly
recommend you visit

Remember: is a great resource for NF ship/sailor/equipment data.

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    07. 15. 2010 14:11

the super yamamoto what level do i gewt that?

  • Re : IJN Early Ship Guide

    06. 13. 2010 09:55

I was about to say, that this guide is almost hopelessly outdated...
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