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  • NF Lag Solutions! *Merged and Updated*

    09. 01. 2006 01:48

In addition to the methods mentioned in the 'Common Problems/Fixes' thread, here
you will find a fine collection of information and possible fixes about lag issues with
NF. This thread has been merged with some other threads to concentrate the
information. Currently, this thread contains the following sections:

Part I. "NF Lag Solutions" by Yuno (TeamNF mk1)
Part II. "Lag - The Occassionally Unresolveable Issue" by eze1 (TeamNF)
Part III. "Lag-Related: How to transmit Traceroute Results" by Obst


Part I. "NF Lag Solutions" by Yuno (TeamNF mk1)

Dear Fans of NF,

We have been receiving many reports of players complaining about lag while playing
NF. We have been adamantly searching for all possible solutions. In the process we
found some interesting details of things that may be causing lag in the game. Please
read the following possible solutions carefully.

A. Lag caused by some NICs (Network Interface Cards).
1. Right mouse click on My Computer and go to "System Properties".

2. Click "Hardware" and click on "Device Manager"

3. Click on "Network adapters" and double click on whichever network adapter you
have. Mine is Realtek as you see in the picture.

4. Go to "Advanced" tab and you see a number of items in the Property section.
Here are the important details, so please read carefully.

a. Click "Offload Checksum" item and make it "Disable" under "Value".
b. Click "Offload TCP_LargeSend" and make it "Disable" under "Value".
c. For some other cards, they have a "TASK_OFFLOAD" menu; make it "Disable"
for "Value".
d. If you do not see these things, please upgrade the Network adapter driver to the
latest one.

Changing these setting will reduce lags in any other online games as well.

B. Some codecs (i.e. audio video) generate lags in NF

We have received a report from a few players that some codecs cause heavy lag
with NF. Unfortunately we do not know which specific codecs are causing these
problems at the moment. Please go to the "Add/Remove Software" menu and
delete "codecs" installed on your PC. If you provide us with a report of a specific
codec which conflicts with NF then we will give you 500,000 credits for each codec
you reported. You must test it and send the codec file along with your report. Please
submit your report to [email protected]

C. Turn off NF options.
If above two suggestions are not working for you, please turn off Navy Field effect
options. Press the "F10" key during battle and you will see the bottom window.

Turn off the options in red square.

D. Play other games.
If all 3 suggestions are not working out for you then delete Navy Field and play
other games like World of Aircraft, Never Quest, or Lameage. Just let us know before
you go, so we can call you back when we have new solutions. However, I really
would like you to try out Harbor Assault before you go. It's good and coming very

Thank you all for supporting Navy Field.

Yuno a.k.a Lag Hunter

Part II. "Lag - The Occassionally Unresolveable Issue" by eze1 (TeamNF)

Lag - The Occassionally Unresolveable Issue

Lag is one of the most difficult issues to address from a Tech Support aspect when
any online game/activity is concerned. There are SO many factors involved, that
giving a definitive answer is nearly impossible. Lag can be caused by something as
simple as a fragmented hard drive or a bad cable/wire connection to something
nearly impossible to correct like an Internet Provider issue.

To compound the issue, a problem with lag can be experienced by one person in a
city while another individual in the same city has absolutely NO lag. A simple wire not
transmitting data properly, an intermittent Network Interface Card(NiC)/driver
problem, certain pc software(anti-virus/pc monitoring software updating), and even
a faulty signal splitter with the improper DB loss can cause lag/packet loss and other
connection issues.

If it was a massive issue from ALL players, it may be a server issue. But case-by-
case issues are tricky at best to resolve. So please consider this when
the "lagmonster" strikes you. Please don't assume that the NavyField servers are
the cause of the issue. There are far too many other factors involved to make such
an assumption. NavyField is only as "perfect" as the humans that make up
the "internet". And the people that build the computers etc. Some things are beyond
our control....lag is sometimes one of those issues. Please understand's not
that we don't want everyone in the world to be able to play NavyField lag-free(I'm
sure we'd all love that actually), it's just that we don't have control over every
aspect of every connection to every computer of every player.

Thank you for your patience when the "lagmonster" strikes you

eze1 - TeamNF


In an effort to reduce the amount of stickies in Tech Support, I have asked obst's
permission and combined his Tracert sticky with this one. Thanks Obst, again :)

Part III. "Lag-Related: How to transmit Traceroute Results" by Obst

Lag-Related: How to transmit Traceroute Results

Hi there!

Sometimes people experience enormous amounts of lag, and sometimes that lag
cannot be fixed by following any of the hints provided in this forum.

For these people, it is suggested to do a "traceroute" to the NF Servers and supply
the results of that to TNF, this way they can find out where the problem lies.

Please, before going on to spam TNF with traceroutes (Don't spam them, lol!),
please check out this thread first and try the hints given there to fix the lag:

Now, on to the actual traceroute. Please follow these instructions step-by-step!

1) You need to enter the Command-Prompt.

To do this, either press WindowsKey+R

Or access it via the Start-Menu. Go START->RUN

2) An input-window will pop up. Type "CMD" (without "") and press OK.

3) Congratulations, you are in the Command-Prompt!

The size of the prompt may vary! I resized mine to fit this Guide!

4) Now you need to know the IP-Adresses of the Servers.



5) The command to traceroute is "tracert X", where X is the IP.

For example, let's say I want to traceroute New York Server. Then I will type "tracert" and press enter.

It will then do a series of automated processes, just sit back.

6) After a while, the traceroute will come to an end. Either it normally finishes or it
times out at a certain point, but that does not matter for now (that's TNF's business

It may take some time, and it will try 30 times even when it times out several times.

When this happens, you may just proceed to step 7 and work with what you already

If it finishes normally (by either going through 30 tries oer reaching the target IP)
you can now get that info to TNF

7) Now you have to mark the whole traceroute and copy it.

To do this, left-click into the lower-right corner of the prompt, keep the button
pressed and move the cursor towards the upper left. This will select anything in

Now, to copy this info just press the ENTER-key!

Please watch this animated picture for better visualization:


[A] Open a Command Prompt as in 1), or work with one that is already open.

[B] Press the icon in the upper-left corner of the title bar and press "Properties",
--> Or Right-Click into the Command Prompt's Titlebar.

[C] Select the "Options" Tab.

[D] Check the "QuickEdit Mode" and "Insert Mode" boxes.

[E] Press OK.

[F] Check the "Save Properties for future Windows with same Title" box and press


The marked text is now copied to your clipboard and you may either paste it into a
new textfile or directly put it into an email.

This email should be sent to [email protected] , as subject enter something like
for example "Traceroute Results, Lag in Europe".

In the mail, give your account name, server and your location as well as the
traceroute results as well as any additional info you may have.

Please NOTE: You may not get a response, but any information you supply like this

Example mail:


*edited by eze1 10-17-06*
*Server IP corrected by rolleso 06/30/07*
*NY Server IP added by eze1 11-25-07*
*Server IP updated by rolleso 01/14/09*
*Server IP updated by rolleso 09/17/09*
*Server IP updated by rolleso 02/19/10*

  • Re : NF Lag Solutions! *Merged and Updated*

    07. 07. 2009 09:44

how high is the limit of the pingtime to play lagfree?

i play from germany with 187ms-->>arizona server...and play fine with it. its evening
here and a lot of
traffic at that lag here.

to fix problems with lag:

-Change the MTU. default is 1500. with the programm "tcp optimzer" u can change it
and checking out the correct MTU.
-use "shielded FTP" cable rj45 only! its much better against EM effects (electro-
magneticfields). try to use a cross-over version
-turn off "autonegation" in ur networkcard (needs a crossover cable). and
use "100mbit FD" or "force-100mbit FD". if u use a 1:1 sftp cable switch it
to "negation 100mbit FD".
-ask the internet provider for "Fast-path". this methode allows to transfer the data
packages without veryfieing them by the reciever before the next package starts for
sending. the contra: it can happen that datas getting lost and a timeout comes
up...the data wil be send a second time...but normaly it runs fine.

do not use w-lan systems on highest speed. slow it down one or two steps. that
makes it more stable.

most of the time it helps to change the MTU and shield-ftp cable. those points are
the normal problems and friends of me never had anymore problems with LAG or
unstable conenctions.
reboot system after doing it!

btw...navyfield needs a good and stable upload connection. the download speed
doesnt matter for DSL systems.
so..check ur upload speed and the usage. stop all downloading software (download
means some % for upload too, to answer the server that the package was recieved)

a high usage or peak of ur upload speed means that u get a hanging game. or
massive LAG!

check firewall. i know that there are some firewall systems with a realtime check. if
possible, turn it off or turn it off for the game (game-mode /entertainement mode)
etc etc...

  • Re : NF Lag Solutions! *Merged and Updated*

    07. 05. 2009 11:40

"4) Now you need to know the IP-Adresses of the Servers.

Arizona is

Missouri is

New York is

5) The command to traceroute is "tracert X", where X is the IP.

For example, let's say I want to traceroute Arizona. I will type "tracert"
and press enter."

mmmm, the IP given in point 4 is diferent of the one tested in point 5....? looks like some1 did something without update this info...

  • Re : NF Lag Solutions! *Merged and Updated*

    06. 05. 2009 17:09

beside the lag problem .... sometimes i have difficulties to log in to AZ server T_T (keep

  • Re : NF Lag Solutions! *Merged and Updated*

    05. 06. 2009 13:20


Eyyy! need this support in Spanish or need conection more gb ...


  • Re : NF Lag Solutions! *Merged and Updated*

    05. 04. 2009 20:46

thank you for posting this.. it really helped

  • Re : NF Lag Solutions! *Merged and Updated*

    04. 29. 2009 03:50

huh, got another problem lag again (heavy till disconnect)

my pc performance .... inet connection all still ok like b4 .... but this lag just happen
every afternoon pacific time, just happen in this last 3 days T_T

  • Re : NF Lag Solutions! *Merged and Updated*

    04. 13. 2009 04:00

if your just having random spikes of lag. This wont help you... Spikes in lag come from
server side. Just old servers.. If your having lag all the time, then maybe this could
help you. I have not tried this as i just have random lag every now and then, and i know
100% its server side.

Good luck

  • Re : NF Lag Solutions! *Merged and Updated*

    04. 13. 2009 00:19

i play on the hood server. I am disappointed in missing out on the easter bonus due to the
worst lag i have ever experienced since signing up. This is the 4th day now that i haven`t
played because of this lag. it starts off with 5 sec screen freeze then works it`s way up
to 30 second screen freezes. i have cleaned my pc gotten in contact with my ip provider
and its all good here...i have even tried doing what the forums say to do and it didnt
change nothing. Thats 4 days out of my paid account i have missed because of it. please
check it out.

  • Re : NF Lag Solutions! *Merged and Updated*

    04. 12. 2009 09:57

What I find odd is I exit and keep reloading NF and eventually I get a good
connection. Are the NF switches configured for some sort of load balanced fail over
clustering where one fo the switches is having issues?

I can run a tracert to all the NF servers and the results are comparable. But it looks
to me like I sometimes make a path connection to an internal switch which is
messing up.

I will do some tracert comaprisons next time I make a good connection to have
something to compare with but I admit I do not think I will see anything out of the

  • Re : NF Lag Solutions! *Merged and Updated*

    04. 06. 2009 23:31

that helps a little with my lag
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