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  • White Screen Bug Workarounds *MERGED*

    11. 05. 2006 11:16

Part I. New White screen temporary solution *first edit* - HK707
Part III. Neutral harbour - SleepySheep

ty for all of your input guys


Part I. New White screen temporary solution *first edit* - HK707

As lots of players may know that tonight there is a new white screen problem once
you click busan you cannot move anywhere unless click esc.

But after you relogin, you will get the white screen and this time, your cursor will

The temp solution I found, and may only could help a few players out once they

1) same account in both AZ and MO server.
2) do have lvl 12 nationed BO
3) MUST have same nation (i.e. if you have RN nationin AZ server, then you MUST
have same RN nation in MO)

The way to unlock the white screen:
1) log off AZ server
2) login MO server
3) choose your nation in MO server
4) logout
5) login to AZ server

Then it can get rip of the white screen problem.

P.S. I test it and got the white screen and "lucky" that I don't have ship in busan. 1
thing I'm not too sure is, once you also got ship in busan, can it get rip the white

This case already inform AZ headmod and once get hold with teamnf, will sort this
out ASAP!

Sorry for such problem and thank you for your patience.


*1st edit*
Sorry all, I forgot to mention that mutiple account cannot get rip of this white screen
problem! must use same account.



as you can see, i had the same problem as you all. BUT, there is a solution!

you can see the "Go to ShipYard" field, and hear button clicks, so that means that
buttons are indeed active.

1. Place Cursor over up-er right hand corner, where you here a click, Should look like

Click, and you will hear the selection pop up. Now, to select a Harbor.

3. Here is the list of Harbors, in order, gotten from INGAME.

a. New York (US)
b. London (UK)
c. Tokyo (IJN)
d. Hamburg (KM)
e. Busan

4. Click onyour nations Harbor, (LISTEN TO THE BEEPS!)

either of 3 things will happen.
a. It will load your harbor
b. it will move to your harbor, but still white screen
c. you dont have a bo for the harbor you selected (selected wrong harbor)

5b. IF B, simple FIX.
a. go to the lower left hand corner, and click "Exit". (you'll hear it)/(See it)
b. open navyfield back up, and logon.
c. You should be in your nations harbor.
c1. If not, you selected the wrong habor. Try the process again.

5c. IF C,
a. Ctrl-Alt-Del, and close navyfield.exe (in processes tab)
b. Restart NF and try again.

Reason: Problem with the server/client loading ship selection
IT will lock up, and you will be back with white screen.

So, the problem must be caused by an error with busan. as (im guessing) all of you
have a
ship in busan (FF for mines on HA?), or it went to the harbor automatically.

We can deduct, that when you exit properly, with the exit button, it saves your last

**edited per HellsAn631's request**

Other Fix(s) (Popular Fixes, not my own.)

Click the "Battle Room" button, top right hand corner, 2nd in the row.
It will go to the battleroom, still white screen

Click on the Select Harbor Button, top right hand corner, right most button.
Click on Shipyard of your choice, and your whoa, it works!



Part III. Neutral harbour - SleepySheep

If you try and go there, it wont work. So if you have some sailors like I did in a FF,
screwed!!!! But I found a way to access the neutrual harbour, kinda.

Goto any harbour with more than one ship docked (other than neut harbour) After
going to
that harbour click the neut harbour. Nothing should happen. Now press the arror to
ship, and ta-da you can scroll through your neut ships and use them!!

You will prob have trouble getting out of the bugger harbour, either quit the game
getting the sailors, or goto the battle screen by using one of the neut ships.


  • Re : White Screen Bug Workarounds *MERGED*

    07. 04. 2009 15:22

these problems are not around now days...get rid of this sticky plz

  • Re : White Screen Bug Workarounds *MERGED*

    10. 05. 2008 21:29

you should probably have made a new thread for this.

Anyways, you can fix it by going to your radioman and select "friends". Then press
"home" and "end" and all the friends should be re aligned and you should be able to
scroll again. If it bugs up again, just press home and end again.

  • Re : White Screen Bug Workarounds *MERGED*

    10. 05. 2008 19:42

i have a radio man bug how would i fix that

  • Re : White Screen Bug Workarounds *MERGED*

    02. 10. 2008 10:53

Where is this patch? I didn't see it under downloads.

  • Re : White Screen Bug Workarounds *MERGED*

    02. 10. 2008 09:08

Try downloading the patch. Next to the test sever patch. I did that and it some how worked.

  • Re : White Screen Bug Workarounds *MERGED*

    02. 10. 2008 06:40

still can not log in.......

  • Re : White Screen Bug Workarounds *MERGED*

    02. 10. 2008 04:51

All US ships are fecked basically.

Cant even get on the US harbour.

  • Re : White Screen Bug Workarounds *MERGED*

    02. 10. 2008 01:30

Wait a minute guys are we having the same problem... I can log in my AZ account but i cant
get to any harbor. I have a USN and a KM Bo and i cant get anywhere. I tried buying a
neut FF but still doesnt solve the problem. My Brother who has a KM account seems to be
okay. So pls tell me we have the same problem and tell me that NF is working on in or
I'll go nuts...

  • Re : White Screen Bug Workarounds *MERGED*

    02. 10. 2008 01:18

is there here a expert on hex??? sombody plzz edit the hex of the execution of
harbor.. like if u go in US harbor navyfield will execute JPan harbor but still US ship u
got.. and if u go to ijn HARbor US harbor will appear.. so tricky but its tru u can do
it... hex editor can make it.. but i dont know how.. so some body help T_T

  • Re : White Screen Bug Workarounds *MERGED*

    02. 10. 2008 00:18

if the ships is ok but the US harbor is not.... why not change the harbor of the US..
like i see in the forum.. her LOWA went to japan harbor... can NF do it temporaly put
the US shpis in japan harbor while fixing the US harbor????

>>>just a comment<<<
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