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  • New Nations French/Italian/Russian

    11. 19. 2006 20:23

Please Restickey!

Granted by Angus725 *dated March 24th, 2011*

---------------------------I was right-------------------------

Trees (to large to post, copy paste into your browser)
*ignore French and Italian DD lines, they are being changed
France -
Italy -
Russia -

*Updating ships to match the trees
Edit - Richelieu remodel to Jean Bart, not Gascagone
Edit - Bearn remodel to Joffre (as they have same capacity, one just trades
for speed)

-for people who want to know the capabilities of the guns, nearly all are found on
this website

(boring intro section, scroll past to get to the ships and pretty pictures)
Short and Sweet, the French and Italians had good strong navies during WWII.
Both would be workable into the current game, ideally as their own nation, using
their own crews.

The French Navy would be a speedy one at that. Range would be rather long,
either equal to or a bit farther than most german guns at level. French DD's will be
some of the best in game, each with high damaging, fast firing guns. CL's and CA's
would be fast hard hitters that don't present much of a target, but they will be very
vulnrable to shell fire as they didn't mount much armor, a problem remidied in the
BB's. The French carriers would all be rather slow, their aircraft typical until higher
levels. BB's would all be above average, with long firing guns. (don't let the PBB
Dunkerque fool you, they had much better range than that)
Richelieu's guns had a longer range than the Iowa's.
All battleships would be capable of defending themselves from aircraft as well.

As for the Italian Navy, it would be a nation of Cruisers and AA guns. Heavy and Light
Cruisers would be the strongest of any nation in the game. DD's would be a trick to
use. All would have few mounts (usually only 2 or 3) but remain the same size as
other nations DD's. BB's would be typical until higher levels when they improve
drastically. Italian Carriers would be tend to have a little less plane space than their
counterparts, but be able to equip much heavier armament. Italian guns in general
had very long ranges, even over german guns. This was achieved at the grave price
of short barrel lives. The FCS system was very effective, tight salvos are to be
expected. Armor would be rated in giving about 20% stronger than the USN armor.

The Russian navy. Well, they will be very interesting indeed. Right from the beginning
they get very fast destroyers with considerably heavy armament. Russian cruisers
will be a bit more difficult to use. Their armament usually lighter than ships of the
same weight, their only advantages being tight salvos and small profiles. The
Russian battleships will be, for lack of better words, terrors to fight. The early on
ones based of the Gangut class, they are small targets with a lot of guns, the only
disadvantage being lack of AA defense, a problem remedied at the BB4 and 5 level,
the ships here built in practice with current US ones (iowa and montana). Even their
aircraft carriers are well armed, each making good speed and decent capacity. As for
their aircrafts, figters will be good, but bombs and torpedoes relativily weak.

  • Re : New Nations French/Italian/Russian

    03. 30. 2011 20:50

We getting Italy (from what I heard)
Hopefully wont be OPed :(
Gj, well done, took lots of research

  • Re : New Nations French/Italian/Russian

    03. 24. 2011 17:15

After 4 years Russian joined to NF. :P GJ. :P

  • Re : New Nations French/Italian/Russian

    07. 21. 2010 18:22

Well Its to bad we did'n get the Commandant Teste. I love the Italian cv line I really
hope the put that together just like you layed it out. A cv 2 with 8 7.9 inch wouldn't
that be a ball!

  • Re : New Nations French/Italian/Russian

    12. 29. 2009 19:16

yay! wonder if the OP even knows he started this?? hehe

  • Re : New Nations French/Italian/Russian

    12. 28. 2009 22:18


Posted: 18 december 2009

  • Re : New Nations French/Italian/Russian

    12. 24. 2009 18:34

yay! how old is this? 3 years+ almost?! dude, props for ya! looks like ya got the
formula right from the start....sorta.

  • Re : New Nations French/Italian/Russian

    12. 23. 2009 07:05


Nfmaster: "Developers plan input of following ships of the USSR (real and planned):

1. BB Project 24 (Improved Sovietsky Soyuz)

2. BB Sovietsky Soyuz

3. BC Stalingrad

4. CV Komsomolets

5. CV Project 71

6. CV Project 72

7. CV Kosrtomitinova

8. CV Project 69AV

Accordingly if you have photos and other information on the given ships or projects,
the request spread them in it topic. It will help to accelerate process of occurrence of
the nation."

  • Re : New Nations French/Italian/Russian

    12. 05. 2009 00:53

Have patience and wait till New Year atleast.

Initial credit goes to OP for making this possible. Congratz!!!!!!! :)


  • Re : New Nations French/Italian/Russian

    12. 04. 2009 20:50

cant wait for them ot get on the server
when are they going to get done?

  • Re : New Nations French/Italian/Russian

    12. 04. 2009 19:11

a 3 year old necro, France, Italy and Russia are already on the way...France first though.
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