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  • Uk Ship and Guns Guide

    11. 12. 2005 05:30

Pls leave a reply for support, just want a reply if u feel good...

That all of my knowledge of UK...but i don think i played very good=.=
UK -Best repairman , restoreman , amror , dmg , acc / rld

In Uk ,have the best support, before new DD , Q class is the best DD , small and
good gun , UK guns have the highest dmg but have long reload time , UK armor is
the best but need too many credits , Uk have only have york is better in CL CA
class , other have so short range .
Both Uk BB line also good , but UK too waste time if u wanna play CV coz it is too
hard to lv up with edin or good points of uk each class or ships have one more support shot than other nations same class.....

i perfer play BB line in UK line...bith BB are good, but i think Edin line is more fun and
u can use more ships then york line...
u need to have 3/2 repair/restore 1-2enignee 1seaman 1scout 2AA gunners/relaod

Uk have 4 DD O class, Q class, tribal , and L class.....
In UK , u only can use Q class or L class , but Q class is enough to use till high
lv....DD only need to belt armor...or if u can long long range , u can try all deck armor.
U should not use torps after u have gunners or the support sailors changed second

O class: (No idea for guns =.=)
the first DD in Uk , u can use Q class in 16lv so u can play in some low lv limit room to
up lv....

Q class: (6" single with normal or heavy HE)(use twins 4" before the second set of
Q class is one of the best DD in game , it is so small to hit and it can carry heavy
armor, but now Z99 must be the best DD in game, U can use Q class till u have
6"dual Guns (33-35lv) , then u can try L class or first time u must not have
enough credits for armor, then u can use support sailors to hold trops in the ships,
then u can add the belt armor after u have credits, i remember i can put 150k on belt
armor on Q. Tribal is like Q class, but i perfer Q class more.

L class: (35lv 6" dual with light or heavy HE)
L class is also good i think, i can put a 60lv and 2 80lv+ gunners on L class, but no
armor u can put, it is crazy of rld and acc. but it is easy to kill by other CL+ class coz
it is too big.

Uk DD u can use in DD room or DD/CL room, try to use manual as soon as u can coz
it is easily to hit , it is truth....u should aviod to fight with 2 or more EM, and when
see other em suddenly no shot on u but he go straight to u , then u need to run coz
he want to torps u, run but don forget to shot.

UK only have 3 CL in game , they are Dido , sirius , and edin, they are all can put
heavy armor, but i don why many ppl put all belt armor in CL, Deck armor is also
important in CL+ class. that why sometimes u have heavy belt armor but your em
still can got high dmg on U, coz u are belt protecting, but your em is deck shotting!!!!

Dido/Sirius: (34lv 6"dual/33lv 6"dual with 3blinds heavy and 1 blind light HE)
IF u put all deck amror on them , 6" from brook only get less dmg on it, if one on
one , u can rush in and kill easy , but u must care torps from your em.

Edin (44lv 8" dual with 2blinds light and 1blind heavy HE or Triples 6" with light and
heavy HE)
I perfer 8" dual more coz it have high dmg, i have tried Triples 6" also, but 8" dual
actually can get more exp, if u played CL game use 8" daul with all deck armor (belt
armor around 0.3-0.6), HA (high angle) is more differnet to use coz the shells arrived
time are quite long then other.

Here i can give u some tips on HA:
-u must practice more.
-the longest range is 55
-the highest dmg is 70
-remember all dropped points of the shells in different angle
-if one on one , go straight to em and first shot on 55 degree then keep go diaganl
to em and keep raise the angle of guns , then go prarllel when u go in the highest
anlge = 70
-if other em rush u or fight with DD, u must keep running and shot in higher anlge , if
70 degree can hurt the em , then u chnage to heavy armor then rush them back ,
but u need to avoid em torps u.

u can play in DD/CL , CL , CL/CA , CL/CA/BB (crapped room) , if u one on one with
other BB1, u can easy got high attack with HA edin, rush in 70 degree and shot, BB1
player must have hell spread and long reload time...

UK have one the best CA-york in game, crazy HA CA-county/surrey,

York: (triples 8" L with 4 blinds lights HE--no other choose)
York can block shot that why so many ppl like it, york also so samll to hit. only KM CA,
Mogami CA can range york. it can hold more armor in around 40-60lv...i cannot put
any armor in york now, but your sd is also enough.

County/Surrey: (8" daul L with 3blinds light and 1blind heavy HE)
they are crazy armor whore...other pls refer to edin information.

U can play in CL/CA , CL/CA/BB game....york is easy to get exp after 55lv with better
gunners and skill...and u must paly range in CA+ class,,no mroe rushing

UK have the worst CV line coz it is too hard to use edin or county to lv up the
BO.....but UK have the best TB (torp bomber)

Attacker: (no guns)
i perfer 2fighters 2DB 1TB...but the UK DB need 55lv hard to up...

Collosus: (no guns)
i perfer 2fighters 3DB 1TB....

If u want play UK CV ..just lv up a neut sailor , then change than to CV BO after he
meet the lv.....and CV player the first target is EM CV , not the CL/CA, coz kill EM CV
is protect your team and your team, many ppl say so many BB in big battle, BB kill CV
is easy , yes it is truth but how do a BB kill the CV where it hide near the base line???

UK have good BB and good guns rp12 and 14" Quad, in BB , u must put on all deck
armor and only use light or ap shells, them play range.

Revenge line:

Revenge: (rp12 D with 2blinds light HE and 1blind AP) (other 57lv 15" twins with
2blinds lihgt HE or 1Light 1AP)
revenge is crazy good when u can use rp12 D, but it need 69lv. or u can use triple8"
in revenge, it is good to kill DD/CL/CA.

Queen: (rp12 L with 2blinds light HE or 1Light 1AP)
Queen is longer in same lv of BB class , rp12 is only 66lv , it have so good range.

KGV/POW: (Quad 14" with light HE and AP)
Quad 14" is a crazy guns , u can block shot when u meet the lv, POW is also crazy, it
can go 42knts for around 20 sceonds and i can hold 10"deck armor, IT IS 10" DECK

Renown line:

Renown: (same as revenge)
Renown is only 52lv BB, but it is too big and food, u can jsut try then u will use back
York fast......but renown have good AA spots , that only a good point in renown.

Repulse: (rp12 N with light HE and AP)
Repulse is a good ship in BB game coz of rp12, it have good range, but it is too big in
big battle , CV so easy to kill it.

Nelson: (14" Quad , rp12 L , rp12s N or L with light HE or AP)
Nelson is a crazy rushing mechine, 1 shot kill FF-BB1 class, that why so many hate
that, but it have slow speed and no scout, if one on one with vet player , Nelson will
sink easy. If nelson play with good scout player, i will be crazy good coz nelson do
not have scout. But if u want to play Lion1 with this line, u will feel too bored coz
nelson is 70lv ship , lion1 is 89lv ship, u need to go 19lv with nelson =.=

Hood: (rp12 L with light HE and AP)
Hood have good range but it don have scout how to play range, and
nelson is so good, so less ppl perfer Hood, if Hood have scout, i think i may try

Both line:

Vanguard: (rp12s L with light HE and AP)
It have good range and it have scout ...but more ppl perfer Lion1 !!!

Lion1: (91lv triples 16" L)
Lion1 is a good ship, but when it compare to same lv ships with other nations
(Yamato/Iowa/H39), Lion1 will become the worst!!!

U can use BB play in every room, but now too many crapped, it is more easy to lv up
BB and big battle too many range-paly range-play range


At last...i finished this post and i think it is too long sorry for waste u so many
time!!...that all my personal opinion , i wish can help u all ^^

Best Regards,

  • Re : Uk Ship and Guns Guide

    02. 21. 2011 11:17

Really Good Guide !! Recommend :)

  • Re : Uk Ship and Guns Guide

    02. 11. 2011 13:40

Thanks the guide helped me out a bit

  • Re : Uk Ship and Guns Guide

    12. 22. 2010 06:23

nice guide

  • Re : Uk Ship and Guns Guide

    12. 10. 2010 19:21


  • Re : Uk Ship and Guns Guide

    11. 29. 2010 10:26

nice guide, thank you.

  • Re : Uk Ship and Guns Guide

    11. 21. 2010 07:12

good work :D tnx..

  • Re : Uk Ship and Guns Guide

    11. 20. 2010 06:33

Thnx for guide.... got the revenge but finding it hard in GB2 atm... lvl 69 is needed :)

  • Re : Uk Ship and Guns Guide

    09. 02. 2010 19:37

really good guide !!!
thank you

  • Re : Uk Ship and Guns Guide

    09. 01. 2010 17:02

great job

  • Re : Uk Ship and Guns Guide

    08. 31. 2010 15:12

i find that Uk ships are great fun to use when you have the right setup and gunners
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