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  • The Search function and You.

    04. 13. 2007 04:00

Up the top, in the right, is a nifty little function called Search. Put the word in there,
and press search (Note, you must click search. You cannot press enter). If your suggestion
has nothing to distinguish it from another post, then don't post it. Bump theres, and if
you like it, give them a recommendation. Stop reposting old ideas.

Or, in story format:
One day, johnny was on the suggestion forums. He failed to use the search function and
just posted randomly about something suggested multiple times. The next day his post was
not there and he was down 10 points. The end.

Please use the search function before posting. If its been suggested, bump it and
recommend it. Do not repost it if it is not visibly different.

Repeat offenders will be considered as spamming for points and as such will be inline to
have their forum rights removed.

  • Re: The Search function and You.

    04. 13. 2007 04:03

You should explicitly mention that pressing ENTER/RETURN does not necessarily suffice to
initiate the search.

'Press Search' does not necessarily translate to 'Click it with the mouse cursor'. For
example in FireFox you cannot simply press ENTER, however if you press TAB -once- after
typing what to search for you will be able to press ENTER to search.