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  • USN Anti-Aircraft Guide

    11. 15. 2007 22:06

The goal of this guide is to teach players how to effectively use AA guns for ships
of the United States Navy. Before continuing, please note that this is not a
comprehensive view: this is simply my own perspective and advice. Different people
will advocate different approaches towards using AA; anyone who feels that they
disagree with me are fully in their right to do so. However, based on my experience,
I believe that this is one of the most effective ways to utilize USN AA.

Note: for another approach towards AA, please read Cubone85's AA guide:

While it's different from my approach, Cubone himself is also a highly skilled AA-er,
so heeding his advice in place of mine has its benefits.

This guide is divided into eight parts:

A. Introduction
B. Basic pointers for beginners
C. Basic Tactics
D. Important factors for AA
E. An evaluation of feasible AA guns
F. Which ships can best use AA
G. An escort's guide to protecting their charge
H. Advanced tips and tactics

I may add an FAQ at a later point if warranted, but for the time being, this guide will
consist of only the above eight parts.

  • Re : USN Anti-Aircraft Guide

    04. 10. 2011 00:23


how dos the portland class do in a AA battle?

  • Re : USN Anti-Aircraft Guide

    04. 06. 2011 23:27

Thanks LT for double posting and the useful contribution

  • Re : USN Anti-Aircraft Guide

    04. 06. 2011 23:00

great accuracy

  • Re : USN Anti-Aircraft Guide

    03. 22. 2011 16:37

thanks for the Guide it really help me a lot. Before the guide, i kep missing my target.
but now shot down planes with out missing a shot.

  • Re : USN Anti-Aircraft Guide

    02. 10. 2011 15:00

very usefull indeed... thnks

  • Re : USN Anti-Aircraft Guide

    02. 07. 2011 21:36

Nice work!
It's really good for new player.
And Cleveland is the funnest AA ship

  • Re : USN Anti-Aircraft Guide

    01. 20. 2011 16:42

lol naa level 88 =]
I was in denial because my guys had some good stats =/

  • Re : USN Anti-Aircraft Guide

    01. 20. 2011 02:23

lvl110...and you just found out that aaw stat is worthless....

and yes, rld gunners have been the way to go for aa for as long as i can remember

  • Re : USN Anti-Aircraft Guide

    01. 19. 2011 21:58

"USN sailors do get a +2 bonus to AAW upon classing, but most players find that this
bonus only helps marginally, to the point where it might as well not exist at all"

does AAW even do anything? it seems USA has bonus to it on everything, but i have put
AA gunners which are Iowa level on my ship, let a plane fly over it. then taken them off
and let a plane fly over it to find that the rate at which the plane at 0 altitude dies is
exactly the same (how fast is that? well the enemy fighters fly over my South Dekoda
laughing [keep in mind this was the same enemy CV with the same fighters]). this is
pretty awesome when the AA gunners are base 12 AAW bve and on the BEST AAW ship in
the whole game...

have you heard someone say, "USA has best AA?" I am USN player all the way, and I
have 110 Gunners i use for my AA and level 88 Chf AA gunners which i also have used.
the only good thing about AA gunners is the enemy can now kill you easier, woops i mean
you can put lighter AA guns on your BB with less space and less range and less weight,
although it says they fire quicker, that is a lie. your USN +11 rld AA gunners will get a
total gain of +2 rld per level, and it does show.... if AAW even does anything it is worthless

to make my complaint clear, AAW does nothing, its all about the RLD. So my advice is
either bug NF to fix USN AA gunners to be worth getting, or make RLD gunners for your
USN AA Ship (PLease do the first one! :DD

  • Re : USN Anti-Aircraft Guide

    01. 19. 2011 20:04

Another great guide. I like the idea of playing AA ship and thanks for sharing the links!
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