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  • If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    11. 09. 2005 13:23

Please, if you crash, every time you crash, Please check your Navy Field Folder
c:\program files\sdenternet\navyfield\) for any files ending with .rpt

If you find these files please send a copy with a breif description of what happened
before/during your crash, include the .rpt file with a Contact Support ticket.

If we do not do this the Dev team will have a much more difficult time in solving these

If you have not done so already, pleae look at the Stickied post Titled: "Common
Problems/Fixes. READ FIRST!" there may be something in there to help you out.



*edited by eze1 - removed [email protected] email address and replaced it with
Contact Support.*

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    05. 26. 2011 13:07

I was starting to think that is how you got out of this game is to let it crash. I played
this thing back in '05 and I swear it is buggier than it was back then. This would be a
great game if you'd get the kinks worked out.

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    05. 15. 2011 14:19

7 years later, we still have crashing issues....

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    05. 15. 2011 05:17

team nf are only helpful until they discover they cant help you then they tend to just fob
you off and dont really care if you quit playing cause their game freezes locks lags
crashes bugs out stops working and some times doesnt even load up..

once they know they cant fix the problem they just move on! and they wont even honour
your long time gameing service and money speant in their store with a transfer to the nfeu
servers either..

and it is possible because ive asked the eu guys and they are more than happy to accept
guys from the us servers but only on legit conditions such as extreme lag and not being
able to play and enjoy the game.. if only tnf had the same policy.

i know the eu company isnt as good as tnf but their servers dont lag the game doesnt crash
or freeze and well ive never been disconected from them either. we all play these games
to have fun and to enjoy them.. we cant do that if we spend all our time smashing our
keyboards because our screens freeze the locks up or simply shuts down.

many of you will bang on about having viruses on our computers or crappy internets or even
crappy computers, which in some cases can really be that simple, but in many cases its
really is just the game servers and the corrupted code that is ever being altered and
changed by the nfna developers. the result is code conflicts that only run well under
special circumstances.

ive tried everything short of building a brand new pc and i doubt this game would even run
on a modern pc. its too damn old!!

wish i could say the same for nfna.

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    05. 14. 2011 23:47

I'm always crashing. It always gave me a lot of frustration. I found the rpt file, I want to
send it but how can I get the CONTACT SUPPORT TICKET? Can any body give me some
idea PLEASE?

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    05. 07. 2011 23:21


that is the .rpt file that is in my navyfield files. not sure what a contact support
ticket is.

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    05. 01. 2011 02:13

I will sometimes try and boot the game up and then it will never load. Once I try to
Ctrl+Alt+Del it, it freezes my entire computer and makes it crash. I reinstalled it and
now it works for all of you having this issue. Might be luck, might be a solution.

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    04. 30. 2011 14:50

SDE really needs to fix these stability issues. If it isn't obvious enough, they are
losing customers and players in huge numbers. Their first priority should be client
stability before anything else. If your game is crashing you know you have a big problem
and need to buckle down to solve the issues causing the random crashes and freezes. I'll
keep sending crash reports every time I encounter a new one, and so should everyone else.
You'll probably get a response that will actually be helpful in eliminating the crash or
reducing them.

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    03. 10. 2011 05:26

can anyone help me?

1.: when i start the game it usually freezes even before the loading screen(luckily i can
still close it in this case)

2.: if it passes the loading it often freezes at the license and i cant even exit(i had to
restart my computer more times since i have this game than for the 2-3 years since i have it)

3.: the games newest habit is that even if i get to the login screen i cant log in Xd
it keeps telling me that my accaunt does not exist
however when i tried to register again it told me that my email is already in use so
either someone stole my accaunt(i dont know why would anyone do so for a
destroyerXD)or the game is even more buggy than i first thought

any help would be appreciated

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    03. 06. 2011 04:10

i alway got crash
sometime it stuck can exit cant quit

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    03. 02. 2011 20:23

My game crashes every time a TB launches torpedoes at me, I have to finish it by the Task
Manager, it happens 8 times out of 10, it is very annoying.
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