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  • UK BB Ranges(Outdated Since BB34 Patch)

    09. 27. 2006 14:30

ok, since I see too many ppl asking about the ranges of guns and tarrifs info is
outdated and not too accurate I will post my results here.
This is ONLY to compare the range of the UK guns I don't even provide you with an
absolute distance as I do not want this to become a flaming post about nation's
advantages, disadvantages and so on...
I tested every gun with 10 full salvos from my Lion's three guns at max angle,
shooting north, took 1 picture each and let my computer calculate a average

(And yes - contrary to the common misbelief, the average range is, what counts.
Higher gunners with less spread DO NOT shoot further then low level gunners. In fact, some
stray shells from crappy gunners will fall further ahead then they do if shot by a
blocking gunner - and.. my gunners block all guns anyways ;-)

update :
old gun ranges thrown out since nothing changed from the PBB patch to this one - except
the lvl120 guns.

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  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    06. 02. 2007 05:42

sure.. if there are changes in the UK-gunranges, I will update the image, but so far there
are none to come.
As for PBBs - read the other replies.

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    05. 31. 2007 20:39

any1 gonna update this pic to include the new changes and PBB guns?

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    05. 29. 2007 18:19

'only' half a screen difference... lol I'd be happy about ranging every ship of the same
class by a shipwidth or a 20th of a screenwidth.
Use the tickmarks on the guidelines to determine the difference. The distance between them
is the same for all UK FCS.

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    05. 29. 2007 18:15

Just a question, is this zoomed out to how you'd normally view the game, and is it to
scale it your ship? Because it would appear that there's only half a screen's difference
between BB1 guns and BB5 guns.

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    05. 24. 2007 07:52

wow thanks for the help this will help me improve my gunning

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    04. 30. 2007 20:36

hornet, the tickmarks on the guidelines should be in the same distance for every user so
that gives everyone an idea od how big the difference between those guns is.
But if I find time and see that it helps visualize the range I will add some BB in the picture

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    04. 30. 2007 00:04

it be nice if you could add a ship to the side of the image just to give scale for your

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    04. 17. 2007 16:49

MasterZH, tarrif is outdated. please dont refer to that anymore, and anyways, you have a
picture, why the heck do you need tarrif units?

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    04. 15. 2007 19:31

I added a comment on the lvl115 guns in October of last year - they have the same range as
the lvl100 guns, they're just heavier and pack more punch.
If I change the image, it will become unstickied automatically

And for PBB guns - I will not add them as I don't own one and don't like to see them in
game ;-)

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    04. 15. 2007 04:22

Would be really nice if you could add the 110 guns and somehow the dunkerque