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  • Team Work 4 Winners

    12. 20. 2010 10:17


I have been playing this game for a very long time and one very important thing
that I have learned is how to win. I only hope that others can learn from me, thus
improving the overall experience of the game. Here is a few pointers:

Awareness Factor:

Awareness Factor is for those of you whom only have one ship type to play, therefor
you dont know what a BB, CV, or SS does, because you have Never Played that role.

Most large BBs are focused on and only aware of enemy's front line and the location
of battleships within range of being attacked for and against my team.

Most CVs are aware of the nuetral zone, "The space between my teams front lines
and the enemey's front lines." Some CVs like myself attempt fighter blockaides over
enemey's carriers and/or overtop the enemey BBs.

All of the other ships are only aware of their immediate surroundings. Why would a
AA ship be worried about the location of enemey BBs or CVs?

With the Awareness Factor in mind lets get to the teamwork shall we?


Smaller Ships, All AA ships including large CA's and small BB's: Always, Always
warning your team about incoming aircraft locations, size, and composition. If your
out to shoot down aircraft, then your looking for aircraft. If you spot aircraft and
they are out of range, you attempt to drive into their path and intercept. If enemey
CV keeps sending planes down a certian path, you goto and wait in that path.
Smaller ships have nothing to do but look around and spot an opportunity to utilize
their ship, when they should be utilizing team chat when they have no targets...

Why is it a good idea to pass that information along via team chat? Becuase you
want to win the battle, earn extra credits and expereience points? Make a Macro if
you have no typeing skills...

Battleships: I too play a BB4/H39 with boasted gunners and 16in Long Guns with
Light Ammo... I have very good range for a BB4, but I still find the time to pass along
information in Team Chat warning my team that I just saw T4 Fighters on the South
Front, Bombers just launched x 10 middle front headed North Front. Why would a
battleship want to warn his team about aircraft he/she just saw passing over the
targets that BB is after? Maybe its because BBs cant do everything and they want
to win same as everyone else?

Air Craft Carriers: I play a CV5 Europa with very good pilots. If I am laying down a
Fighter Blockaide on the enemey's south front, why would this be important
information to pass along to team mates? Fighter Blockaide South Front means my
team's south front is protected from bombing raids unless the enmey bombers come
to our south front from another location other then that which I have blockaided.
Furthermore, If I am blockaiding, that means i am MicroManging my fighters and I
have no time, not even 3 seconds, to revert back to my ship and look around for
bombers trying to strike me down, or 2 look for enemey sub firing torps at another
ship. It is imperative that you pass along crititcal information to your carriers long
before its a problem.

If Enemey bombers are gonig to attack freindly CVs, they must pass over enemey
targets, then the nuetral zone, then the freindly front lines, past freindly AA ships,
and past ASW ships, but few if any at all find the time or reason to provide
productive ingame intel and recon and they lose a aircraft carrier. What a huge loss
early in game. I would rather lose a battleship or two before losing my flagship or a

Submarines: Everyone on my server should know my submarine's Anthom, "There
can be only one..." I have perfected every situation which might arise involving a
submarine. What I can tell you with absolute certianty is that Submarines have the
least to do, the fewest mouse cllicks, easiest to manuever, easiest to hide, easiest
to dodge incoming shells. Everything is easy in a submarine until you run out of air.
Therefore, submarines have the most free time to provide recon and intel via team
chat. Submarine players should be providing the greatest amount of ingame intel
via team chat over all other ships. Subs can be anywhere on the map, even deep
into the enemey's rear lines chasing CVs. Why should a sub not warn teammates
that it just watched enemey CV on the south front launch 12 DBs, or send T4
fighters south. If your a sub player you should be aware what your cvs are doing.
If you have a carrier that launches only bombers.. then provide that carrier a safe
route to fly along to avoid enemey fighters. If your carrier is launching fighters only
provide intel giving those fighters a target.. for instance...

"Send Squad 4 fighters south just a bit and intercept incoming bombers"
"Squad 4 fighters out of position, send fighters north now!"
"Enemy T4 fighters inbound over our frontlines middle front, send bombers north or
"Please sink ASW ship Mogmi on middle front"
"Please send fighters over freindly sub to destroy TBs waiting on me"
"SS slipped past me on the north front, Enemy Sub north front inbound"
"CV player INSERT PLAYERS NAME turn around, you running into BB range"
"CV player INSERT PLAYER'S NAME turn southeast now or die via sub in 30 seconds"
" Destroy enemey scouts south front, blind enemey south front we are attacking"



  • Re : Team Work 4 Winners

    12. 20. 2010 22:34


Always that one guy.
That one guy.
Had to do it.

Failed to defend counter-attack.

  • Re : Team Work 4 Winners

    12. 20. 2010 21:03

Starluck, you've posted an interesting read, but it's all undone with one old saying:

"You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink."
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