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  • Buff SS Exp

    12. 23. 2010 16:31

It was an Outrage... In my IJN SS2 I got 70k attack... not a Bad battle... And how much
EXP do i get? 9k exp 0.o" I don't think Subs should get 100% shared exp. Its just not
fair. That's like giving an MN CV a EXP Nerf because they can do a lot more damage than
other CVs and some BBs.

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    12. 24. 2010 20:28

yeah seriously... no... i personally dont like subs... but why the hell do this? it makes
no sence.... and you got so much xp BECAUSE OF THE XP BONOUS NOOB, OR
BECAUSE OF PREM! also... because you got high attack noob -.-

AND why the hell are you complaining about how much exp you get?!?!?!?!? lol fail

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    12. 24. 2010 18:22

1st of all, yes this needs to happen, but other things need to happen with it,
becuase the exp was nerfed because it was so easy to get to your next tier of sub.
My BO is at 103 on my sub (total noob) and I get around 5k exp on a win and over
100k attack, it's because of the ratio of your attack, compared to how far your BO is
away from your ship level. 74-103 is farther than 74-59....
This should have been locked already, and just copied and pasted into the sub
suggestion thread at the top. Perhaps not being a forum noob would help you....

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    12. 24. 2010 14:00


Not just for the sake of SS's. But because TB's on a carrier earn you crap xp, and torp
rushing with a moltke or pensa is just as bad.

It should be equal to shell damage. That is all.

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    12. 24. 2010 03:34

First of all I said nothing about airtime... I said EXP. Seems like some people either
cant read or are just really dumb. Whats with all the ignorance on the forum... people
are so bold when its not in person =.="

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    12. 24. 2010 00:29

The longest any SS4 can stay under for it 3.5 minutes, if your gonna try to back yourself
up use the facts,
Torp exp back to the way it used to be: $1
Decrease in speed: $1
More air time: $2
Cut the SD on subs to like 500: $5
Noobs that don't use the search button: Priceless :D

and umm btw, u didn't have to use the search button, their is a stickied thread at the
top. Durrrr..

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    12. 23. 2010 23:53

There are several threads on this so please use search function next time. Also you
already get 10-20k in credits/points/exp or more each game in a sub doing descent
damage. No it does not need to be buffed if anything it needs to be nerfed.

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    12. 23. 2010 20:08


  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    12. 23. 2010 19:09

Leave the torp damage as is, in WWII 1-3 torps could sink/cripple a BB/CV, a mini-sub
crippled the Tirpiz (Bismark's sister ship)
Increase the air supply
DECREASE THE SPEED, especially submerged, I should not be able to get 3 salvos off at a BB
running away from me.
The increased air will compensate for the decreased speed, BUT now the SS driver will have
to tactically get in front of the enemy, not speed thru them and run them down.
Slower speeds will also enable ships to evade subs once they are located by other ships or
launching their torps.

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    12. 23. 2010 18:29


There's many ways for a BB to beat a sub every time, relentlessly. First of all, you're
probably a driver that thinks his T-slots are just for show and would rather have 2 more
reps. Second of all, get a escort with nice reps/resto/sonar, and as much belt/bulge it
can hold. I could go on and on.

I'm not a fan of driving subs, but I'd recommend this post just based on the fact that
Torp exp itself is nerfed. My TB's don't get me crap.

Out of recc's for the day. Sorry.

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    12. 23. 2010 18:18

Don't be so full of it

BB's cannot evade what they can't see.

SS is too easy as long as you play it right much like any ship in the game but easier

You're near invincible for over 5 minutes
You get a crutch of getting a hit even when you miss thanks to splash damage
You can go as fast as most ships on the surface and have decent speeds submerged

The only thing which makes playing SS difficult is people playing ASW which are few & far

I agree that torpedo damage experience definately needs to be improved but not for SS, for
CV which got screwed over thanks to easy mode SS.

So as a compromise to make it easier for SS to level up and for CV to get their old torp
exp back to normal, SS should have some form of nerf imposed upon them.
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