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  • Patch 1.319

    05. 11. 2011 19:00

Servers will be down on the night of May 11th, from 11PM through 1AM (2 hours)
Pacific Standard Time. (May 12th, 06:00 -> 08:00 GMT/UTC time)

Patch 1.319

1. Formation of escorts no longer require credits.
2. Warning message about entering Blitzkrieg rooms has been added when
a submarine in your ship tree.
3. The image for overheat gauge has been improved. You will now see it turn red
when it is in use, and return to green when recovering from use.
4. The member requirement (over 30) for declaring Harbor Assault will count squad
members properly.

Thank you,

Here's the deal menz. We all load up CL escorts with sonar, and watch all the subs
moan and whine about how they can't be stealthy anymore. Then after many tears
are made we will give a big jajajaja.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 12. 2011 21:55

Let me add something, im not going to take favoritism but im going to say what i
think about this:

1- Every player has the right to choose what ship they want to play, now tell me if
you want to become so good in a BB or SS, what do you need to do? play like a
meant class driver or just play couple of games with that ship then switch, and the
next time you play with it, you get own and your team calls you noob?

If you are really pasionated about that ship, whats wrong? if i ask you this, would
you call a real navy personnel a person without life, because he was using the same
carrier in 3 wars in a row, without using another cv class? If he feels good with that
cv, then let it be. If dingy wants to play submarine, whats wrong?

i ve seem alot of discrimination against submarine, and let me tell you this
observation, i might be wrong, and im awared of that, but dont you think Many of
you " BB DRIVERS" were so used to have total control of the rooms and now that
something challengable came to NF, started whinning allegating, OH NO, they are
overpowered, You Might be right, and you also may be wrong.

I ve seem many of your response defeding why submarines needed to be nerfed,
and now you listen to me:

1. Submarines doesnt have that much displacement compared to BB's, what it
means with this:

- Less space, you have to eliminate crew from your sailors, less sailors less SD.
Unless you pay alot of money to get alot of veterans convertions, and now you BB
DRIVERS, do you need to do that, sacrificing sailor crews, in order to play whatever
bb yyou want, and nobody can say anything, because they are BB?

BB's also BECOMES OBSOLETE, sooner or later, same thing with submarines, the one
that will always be dangerous are the CV's in GOOD HAND.

and i ve seen Many BB's driving complaitning, OH NO, i ve seen SS1 with 4 gold bars.
and now let me tell you this: I ve also saw BB6's crew in low BB's, oh yeah, Farming
kicks the world!and guess what, nobody says anything, because they are BB'S. and
BBS players needs to be right all the time, because they are BBS!.

forget about that, Submarines has been nerfed more than 1 times, maybe 3, and
even like that, thats not enough for you. Thats a shame, because you know
something, SS didnt disbalance the game, BB6 do. why? compared to an ss, bring
me a good group of ASW, and kill the submarine. Not mentioning, that submarines
has been nerfed with the ability of taking damaging:

Ohyes i remember that post, and now they want them to be out HA, at least the
SS4. Anyways, returning back to the topic, yeah the ability of taking damage,
decreased, and literally the HH became stronger against them, guess what, some
PHH on a SS4, BOOOOM you are done.

Are BB6's Limited in Ammo? Are BB6's Limited in DP? do BB6's need air or reload. No.

Let me tell you this, YOU bb drivers,, you CANT WIN THEM ALL. you have to learn
how to lose. Let SDE run their game, they created NF, all of us we are players, if NF
bases in a group, then the meaning of entertaiment is LOST, why? you are just
taking away the real abaility of the ship of what SDE tried to do at first, i know
many of you are older than me in this game, since beta. But seriously Guys, chill ,
relax, let them Manage NF, itss their game, even if they implement something i dont
like it, i just accept it and keep playing.

And once again, Im awared i can be wrong, but im giving my point of view, and i
dont give a tuna.

P.s: "i do also pay in this game, but that doesnt mean, i should tell NF whatever i
feel like." iIf one group is listened and the other one is not, there is a big problem.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 12. 2011 21:41

"failing on purpose? enlighten me... you mean being a decoy while my team rapes
your team? it worked didnt it...tell the rest of the story :)"

Hadn't seen that edit earlier but,

You mean to tell me that you sucked in your CV on purpose as a decoy to the enemy
team so they can laugh? Pssh I find it funny how people believe there are decoys...
no no its called priority. What is sad is that I hardly play SS and can be just
as "good". Oh and I also don't have to use the easiest subs of them all. 'Lol duds, I
got mah proxies to still do damage anyway.'

Also I don't know what being a former jedi has to do with being full of yourself. You
know well there are other sub players who are full of themselves too.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 12. 2011 21:20

Let me guess your a BB driver that does nothing but whine about getting sunk by high level subs. You try and run a
sub crew to level 113 and with a 856 sd these days bet you can't do it. And subs are not boring they are a lot of fun.
And for your info I have 16 BO's and only 5 of them are for subs, so keep thinking like a BB driver closed minded.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 12. 2011 20:48


There ARE different ship types you can play. CV's and BB's have many more factors of
gameplay than subs. Why would you WANT to play something so boring? There are plenty of
games on that can give you the same repetitive gameplay.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 12. 2011 20:43

This is the last straw SDE listen to BB whiners that always get there way. I put enough money in this game to get
screwed over. We sub drivers deal with HH, Overpowered DC, now every noob in a cl tk'ing sub. Enough is enough
I'm done

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 12. 2011 14:03

whatever man... you still ridicule ss...look up what ridicule means then read the end
of your first post..

i am a fromer jedi ..of course im going to be full of myself.. you should know this -.-
(thats why you open your mouth too)..and i was just as bad in a moltke

failing on purpose? enlighten me... you mean being a decoy while my team owns
your team? it worked didnt it...tell the rest of the story :)

***think we got some stories mixed up...the decoy im in a sub not a cv **

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 12. 2011 13:26

I dunno about other sub drivers, but I don't give a flying fig newton for #1.

It won't matter if people have escorts with sonar, anyone with a brain already knows
roughly where a sub is anyway. They just fail to evade it. I've lost count of the number
of times my at level subs have been lit up by some smart little ship only to have a BB
merrily sail right up towards me, completely oblivious to the fact that I'm there, and

Hail it as the end of subs if you want, me, I don't expect it'll make much difference at all.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 12. 2011 12:56

"You've still to own up to your threat of following me in a CV and failing on purpose."

That would mean all the other times he is failing on accident?

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 12. 2011 12:31

Hey dingy, thats pretty much why people hate sub players, because the majority of
them just get so full of themselves and think that the hate means they are good.
Hah! You claim that SS have more sub kills than anyone else... no shit sherlock an
SS will always be able to spot an enemy SS and their main weapon is torpedoes
which CAN hit an SS. Even ASW players get sick of playing the same thing every
time and if not that than its the huge price of HH.

I can't believe you had trouble against me when I used credit HH emerald if you're
that good, hell, I can't believe you thought that I was trolling you when one game I
was having fun with someone else and you died trying to sink our DDs. You've still
to own up to your threat of following me in a CV and failing on purpose.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 12. 2011 10:49

Lol noob SDE forgot to make "ID 221" image from SPR. file "ITPNFC2" red....(it's the
image that causes the overheat bug)

So much for "improved" overheat gauge >_>.

Howell, I gues I need to re-edit the thing again -.-"
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