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  • Navyfield Song

    06. 01. 2011 14:56

Hi NF!
Last summer, I participated in the Summer Creativity Event with a song and came 2nd!
I was unable to post in the forum (fixed now, thx tnf!), so i couldn't say THANK YOU to
all of you who voted for me!

My song was called "DD Song", and was about the problems for a new player 4 or so years
ago, where every.everybody had DDs and even a CV was rare to see :)
I removed it from youtube just about after I won, because I wanted a new channel to the
stuff I would do in the future.

It's reuploaded now, and some of you might find it funny or enjoy it, so you should have
the possibility! :)

Feel free to share, download it etc - I would appreciate all the trafic I can get to it ;)

- Reyco

  • Re : Navyfield Song

    06. 03. 2011 04:46

Those times are over ;)

  • Re : Navyfield Song

    06. 01. 2011 16:22

Ive been looking for this :)
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