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  • Custom Game Music (and samples)

    07. 07. 2007 09:05

First... did you know that you can customize your game music? it's easy:

1)If you can see and change file extentions, skip this step
(note: names might be inaccurate, im translating them from spanish)

a)Go to Tools>Folder Options>See (2nd Tag)
b)Uncheck "hide file extentions ..."
go there

then there

and you must have that UNCHECKED (in english it should be something like
"hide file extentions ...")

2)Pick the music you like for the game

3)Go to your Navy Field game folder and then go to Sound folder

4)Make a copy for all the .cxf files there (safety purposes) and paste them in another
folder (i suggest making a folder in Sound called "Default")

5)Move the music you picked for the game to Sound folder

6)Change the name and extention to match the part of the game you want them into:

Battle.cxf=in battle music
Winning.cxf=after sunk, if you're winning
Losing.cxf=after sunk, if tou're losing
GMN.cxf=KM harbour
UK.cxf=RN harbour
US.cxf=USN harbour
JPN.cxf=IJN harbour
BM002: Battle Channel music (When you're searching for a game.)
BM003: Unknown
BM004.cxf=exp screen when lost
BM005: Game launch music (launches on EULA screen)
BM007: Neutral Shipyard music
BM008.cxf=exp screen when won

National anthems:
USN Harbour: USA Anthem (nice flute, oboe, violin and cello version)
RN Harbour: God bless the King/Queen
KM Harbour: Germany Anthem, cant remember its name and im too lazy to search :P
srry, couldnt find the jap Anthem... if someone sends me a version, ill add it.

Hellsing (Anime) Theme:
Battle:Incognito's theme
Winning:Alucard's song
Losing:Sea of chaos - expectations of the creator
BM004 (lost):Anderson's theme
BM008 (won):World without logos (opening song)
(**** internet... it's too lagged right now, ill upload this one later)

i hope you like it

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    01. 22. 2011 11:19

I actually have an ace combat sound mod on my PC I'll be happy to share them with you guys
if you want

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    01. 22. 2011 08:46

Very nice Gangrel. I cannot try this right now, but it will be something fun and
new to do after I get home from work.

OH, after thought to posting: Which file is for the "aircraft in sight" warning? I
would like to change it to the sound byte "The plane boss, the plane!" XD

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    01. 21. 2011 22:05

This does it for me :)

- BM002.cxf (NF Battle Room wait Theme) with the Starship Troopers Klendathu Drop Theme
- Battle.cxf (NF Battle start Theme) with the Crimson Tide Theme
- Wining.cxf (NF Wining Theme when your Team has the Upper Hand) with a Pirates of the
Caribbean Theme Montage
- Lossing.cxf (NF Loosing Theme when your Team has the Lower Hand) with "The Rock Theme",
that Sean Connery Movie

Been using this for awhile now, a lil' bit suprised sme1 is just posting this here...

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    01. 21. 2011 19:12

Hey thanks a lot i was wondering if you could customize the music

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    01. 21. 2011 17:57

Suitable for IJN players

Battle Music - Need to Be Strong

Battle After sunked when Losing - Glued State

Battle sunk when Winning- Dragon Rider

Battle Channel when waiting for room - Let the Battle Commence

EXP screen won- Magika

IJN Harbor - Samurai Storm (dude seriously the music fits the IJN harbor when your
changing ship setup)

EXP screen lost- Mind Heist

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    01. 21. 2011 09:52

Bump for justice Meanwhile,

Battle theme: Battle with no honor or humanity

Winning: Sons of War by Two steps from Hell.

Losing: Mombasa from Inception

UK: England War theme Civ V "I vow to thee my country" (Eargasm)

KM: Germany War theme Civ V "Ode to Joy"

US: America Peace theme Cic V "America the Beautiful"

IJN: Japan War them Civ V "Rokudan No Shirabe"

PS: I also have a techno/electric list in the works for those of you, who like me don't
value their hearing too much.

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    06. 17. 2010 16:52

Awsome, thanks, my musics fit perfectly to the game scenes look:

---Battle music: Briefing 2:
---Winning music: Naval Blockade (awsome!)
---Losing music: Scinfaxi (awsome!):
---ALL country's AND Neutral Harbours: Menu Music:
---Battle channel music: I CAN'T CHANGE THE MUSIC, HELP!
---Exp screen when lost: Failed Game Over (awsome!):
---Game Launch music: Briefing 1 (awsome!):
---Exp screen when won: ShoreBirds:

i have a problem, when the exp screen comes up, the old game musics and my new
tracks play at the same time, whats going on?

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    06. 16. 2010 14:42

Dear hiru, you're a life saver.

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    06. 16. 2010 12:39

BCMaster is a youtube song converter

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    01. 10. 2010 13:12

+1 rec from me

Thanks to this, I changed quite a bit of the music.

Battle: The Unsung War (from Ace Combat 5)
US: Battle Hymn of the Republic
UK: Rule Britannia
JP: March of Godzilla
Winning: Duel of the Fates
Losing: Battle of the Heroes
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