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  • If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    11. 09. 2005 13:23

Please, if you crash, every time you crash, Please check your Navy Field Folder
c:\program files\sdenternet\navyfield\) for any files ending with .rpt

If you find these files please send a copy with a breif description of what happened
before/during your crash, include the .rpt file with a Contact Support ticket.

If we do not do this the Dev team will have a much more difficult time in solving these

If you have not done so already, pleae look at the Stickied post Titled: "Common
Problems/Fixes. READ FIRST!" there may be something in there to help you out.



*edited by eze1 - removed [email protected] email address and replaced it with
Contact Support.*

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    09. 21. 2006 18:36

rogerborg no tnf is not just 1 guy there is a group of people called the dev team
they create the game codes which run the game then theres 3 main tnf people there
names are yuno (well known) mk2 and the imphamus nfgm which i met today and he
is really cool and quite funny and very nice guy if u see him talk to him u will like him

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    09. 13. 2006 00:26

hello guys...
it's all begins since i decided to get in navy field and here proplems starting
kept getting fille crpted.
and update proplems and lots.
after 3 days of checking forums and wasted lots of time of it
finally i fixed all this issues and was pumping myself to start the game
and thought everything would be allright
but here proplems come again.
once i click to start game the game starts loading
then crashes , i just could seen the intro pic of the game
and gets me out to windows and tells me a proplem have occured and "send error
report" to microsoft and blah blah
so please guys someone help me fast , cuz i been 3 days trying everything to fix it
cuz all this bugs annoys me , why doesnt the game be just "3 click" download install
then play , better than spending all that time to fix it..
and thanks..

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    08. 14. 2006 15:58

Radio Man Bug still crashing my game. Sent a copy of the .rpt files in my program
folder with my email to the support staff. Please fix this it's really getting old.


  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    08. 11. 2006 18:20

It would appear that I am having an issue with Radio Man bugs. Just tonight I
started a match and my radioman appeared behind my mini map in the bottom right
corner of the battle screen. This is the first time this has happened. When the
battle was over I went to exit the room and the screen went black. Then NF
crashed. Earlier today, and over the past week or so, my Friends List has froze up.
It would not allow me to scroll threw my list at all. Soon after the game would
crash. That is my plight. I have sent an email to NF and included a copy of a file that
ended with .rpt. What do I do with these files? Should I delete them. It would
appear that this might be the cause of my issues. I'm gonna delete them and see
what happens.

Pray for me,

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    07. 25. 2006 18:26

I will send reports yes but............Ive lost about 4000 points due to crashing & about
6000 exp. Can you guyz like make a fix for all of us dial-up people? Like a sort of
safety feature that saves before you're game just dies?

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    07. 12. 2006 05:38

I have played only 2 times yesterday after cca 20 tries to run the game!!!!!!
Today i have no chance to play because it allways crashes/freezes before i have
reached login menu!!!!! I must be really stupid that i tried all from section common
problems/fixes and nothing help me to play!!!!! I am really disgusted about this

I have played it one year before and all was OK. This new version really sucks!!! It is
full of bugs and how i read another posts i am not only one who have the same
problems. I really want to play this game but there is no way to play.

Will you ever do something with this??? Will you help peolpe who have such

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    06. 18. 2006 14:33

No entiendo hay nada en espa?l????
Yo pago como los demas

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    06. 10. 2006 11:26

If you have an older computer. Its probably your fault!

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    05. 24. 2006 05:55

jdashn, one of the files did attach properly. it says

There was a Problem:

Invalid file specified . Please try again.

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    05. 24. 2006 05:52

i found 3 files ending with .rpt

i am currently attaching the files to my mail, when can i expect to get a reply?