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  • If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    11. 09. 2005 13:23

Please, if you crash, every time you crash, Please check your Navy Field Folder
c:\program files\sdenternet\navyfield\) for any files ending with .rpt

If you find these files please send a copy with a breif description of what happened
before/during your crash, include the .rpt file with a Contact Support ticket.

If we do not do this the Dev team will have a much more difficult time in solving these

If you have not done so already, pleae look at the Stickied post Titled: "Common
Problems/Fixes. READ FIRST!" there may be something in there to help you out.



*edited by eze1 - removed [email protected] email address and replaced it with
Contact Support.*

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    01. 01. 2006 08:45

I have the game 5 days and it crashed twice.
I DO have 2 RPT files in my Folder: 1 of 475 kb(Navyfield.RPT) and one which my
computer shows as 0 bytes(NFLPSR.RPT) Anyone who has the same files. just check
your folder.

For all newbs who dont try to look the stickies and complain about game freeze at
the burning KM carrier: solutions: Change screen color depth to 16 bit instead of 32
bit. and otherwise if it was on 16 bit.
Play the game in compatibility of Windows 2000. right click on the game icon. click
properties: compatibility. and select W2000. Also press ALT+Tab right after clicking
the icon. so you CAN shut down the game manually if it doesnt work. the
confirmation of working is the hearing of beautiful music.

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    12. 31. 2005 16:58

Played this game for 3 months or so now, but only recently, and very often, I find
myself in a game one moment then right out on my desktop another, completely out
of NF. I've heard others mention the same thing. Each time I come back my ship is
sunk. This only started in the last patch I suppose and happens more often than

Sometimes I get option to send 'error report' to microsoft.
Yet now I am also getting warnings that not only a virus has been sent through NF
but a hacking attempt on my pc is being attempted through the NF connection.
Excuse me? What's up?

Yes, i do get rid of the virus and the hack is blocked, and I log back onto NF, but I
don't like this at all. The virus and hack attempt isn't reported everytime, but i have
been alerted more than once this past week.

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    12. 31. 2005 08:52

just recently on my account micheal..... I get to where i login in and right be4 i get
the harbor i crash for no apparent reason and if it doesnt crash there it always
crashes in harbor or right when i leave it. help plz

I myself agree with croodle in some parts of his statements.. you update the game
like crazy but really every update brings more problems so TRY not to update so
fucking often because ur making this game become the piece of shit its soon going
to be... i mean for real ive lost my account for like 2 months worth time and its truely
annoyed me becuz of all the work I put into my account..... so all im asking is to fix
things without causing more problems.....

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    12. 24. 2005 12:08

yeah i used to play this game alllll the time and i had a 32 US crew btu i stopped
playing, now i jus updated auto, and when i DO get into the game it freezes when i press
battle. full black screen and no response from my computer whatsoever. this is the second
install i have done and there is no improvement. also what can u do about the screen
messing up at login it has one 800x600 copy of what u normally see, and then the 1024 is
overlayed and when i type in its in the 1024 but i can hardly see what im typing.
its been like this ever since u redid the resolution.
my computer is a 1.4ghz P4 with broadband 100mbps connection and a 32 mb card.
any help would be greatly apprecited

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    12. 23. 2005 16:00

every time i start the game it freezes on the loading screen i cant do anything at all
only hard reset my pc which messes it up...

any solution?

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    12. 23. 2005 08:45

P.S - How do you sleep at night knowing full well this abomonation continues.

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    12. 23. 2005 08:43

Like most dissatisfied users my game crashes too, right at the start. I havent got a
chance to see a small glimpse of the game. I think you should rid of all forms of
advertising of this game, its clearly a piece of **** that doesnt even work. You
should consider dumping this whole ****py idea until you learn how to make a
or atleast allow me to see SOME game footage.

~3hrs of wasted download tsk tsk~

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    12. 23. 2005 01:45

well sir, i have read the other post in this forum and i have done all the little work
arounds....and none of them work, my pc is a 1.5ghrz, 512mb ram, 256mb card, dial
up and lets just go straight to it.......this set up worked just fine and dandy until last
few patches. i have reinstalled and tried to patch auto and i have reinstalled and
tried to patch manuel....but nothing gives. go figure.

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    12. 22. 2005 08:39

Just reading through the responces to this post, and found that many of you are having
problems, but havent read any of the other stickies in this area, If you'd like to
actually fix your problems there are solutions to many common problems in the stickies in
this section.

If you have done what is suggested in those stickies, then post about your problem, tell
me what issues you are having, be detailed, and spesific. The more details you can give
(computer specs, other programs you have running, what exactly the problem is, and what
you've already tried) the easier it will be for me to find a solution for you. If you dont
do that, you will just have to wait to see if the Dev team can help you out. Then again if
it's a problem with some settings on your end, there will be nothing they can do.

So, if you are still experencing problems, read up, try some stuff out, and drop me a line :)


  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    12. 22. 2005 02:26

not that it matters to anyone else.......i crash every time i enter a room in area 7 it's
been this way a patch or 2 ago...i can enter trade rooms, but anything else causes
me to crash. if problem isn't fixed for me i guess that 1 less kita user you guys have
to worry about.
oh and yes i've sent the rpt files....